1,572 Since Mission Accomplished

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Bush DoctrineKeith Olbermann of MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” signs off his show with,

“That is Countdown for this, the _ _ _ _ th day since the declaration of ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq. I’m Keith Olbermann. Good night and good luck.”

As of today, it’s been 1,572 days since that day (5/1/2003), 1,608 days since the start of the war (3/20/2003), and 1 president. We still have the same commander-in-chief. No impeachment, no revolt, and no resignations. How proud we must be to have a leader who produces tangible results. How can any pro-Bush pundit so much as smirk at the idea of this administration? Even after we’ve still established no connection between Iraq and the conspirators of 9/11, even after we’ve lost practically all of our civil liberties (on the surface; times like these make me wonder if we ever had any), even after there’s still no evidence of weapons of mass distractions, and even after every other (sane) country’s governments have abandoned this “war,” even after every story they’ve told the American public since the start of the war has contradicted their previous statement about the war progress, even after Bush and Co. tried to color code peoples’ fears and insecurities, even after in 1994, Dick Cheney was quoted as saying,

Once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Hussein’s government, then what are you going to put in its place?….It’s a quagmire if you go that far and try to take over Iraq.
It’s amazing how much we go about our daily lives like there aren’t people dying out there. Unfortunately, because many of my friends and co-bloggers are much more concerned with how this president looks and acts, they don’t get to see the bodies getting shipped back lifeless. That’s stuff that most of us don’t want to hear until it comes within our radius. I’m under the belief that most soldiers would rather be home now; there’s no reason for any of them to be there, they’re under exile in a land much farther away than we can research on Google Maps and yet we’ve allowed ourselves to become complacent about the issues surrounding the war. As long as there’s no audible noise or agitation, we’d rather be sedated about everything going on.

Right now, it’s so cool to hate Bush. That pisses me off; we needed to hate Bush before it became trendy. When I ask some people why they hate him, they discuss his appearances and speeches (or lack thereof), but never his policies and actions. People who really do their research are convinced he’s nothing more than a figurehead, the tip of the pyramid; if you knock down just the tip of it, the rest of the structure stays intact. A lot of the media is finally starting to do their job and publish stories that put pressure on the administration we have, but ever since the emergence of blogs, the stories of Bush’s lies have been written.

It’s been 1,572 days since Bush jumped out in his emperor’s clothing and talked about his mission accomplished. Indeed, the groundwork for the empire that he and his associates wanted to create has been accomplished. He did some of the things his father couldn’t, and every (scripted) press conference he has shows him as a rather cocky man. How can he not be? He has legions of people dying for his own agenda.

I understand that many of you will consider my point of view radical, a statement that makes no sense since everything I’ve said is more aligned with the fact. All I know is that, if the deaths of our loved ones won’t lead people to revolt against a government that should be more afraid of us than some of us are afraid of them, then will books, movies, word of mouth, and technology help us do so? I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. We can keep writing and polemicizing, but we need to exert that force into our daily actions, too.

jose, who hated bush before it was cool to do so

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  1. This may be a naive comment, Jose, because education is my thing, not politics in general…

    In addition to the inexcusable war that endangers and wastes precious American lives, Bushco has orchestrated NCLB, the worst strike against public education since…well, since ever!

    Congress obviously doesn’t have the huevos to call the ballgame on Bush. So we persist in our outrage and look for ways to apply pressure to our legislators, to what avail?

    But more importantly, I believe that we need to line up behind a Democratic candidate for the presidency. Right, that’s a given, but who’s it going to be?

    I’ve heard Barack Obama’s speeches and read his books. He pretty much speaks for me on most of the issues that I hold dear. I have contributed a modest amount of money to his campaign, and they seem to appreciate modest contributions.

    I look for sharp intellect and integrity, not political savvy or so-called Whitehouse experience. I would like to see an honest and sincere human being in office and Obama fits the bill. And it has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman or Obama being black.

    Long story short, I believe our energy needs to be expended getting the candidate of our choice elected. You know mine.

  2. You are right. Bush is not the problem, the problem is US imperialism. US took over the hegemonic role of the British as lord and master of the international system. This led to two brutal wars with Germany called World Wars and numerous smaller imperial wars. Aggression in the Middle East (ever wonder how it became the Middle East?) is US imperialism seeking more tighter control over resources. Democracy may be a luxury the ruling elites can no longer afford! Bush represents this movement. Obama, Hillary or anyone else in the Oval office would do the same or else!

  3. Post

    @ Repairman: I agree that we should pick the candidate that best suits us. However, I’m not on the Obama train just yet. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, mainly because neither party doesn’t care as much about the hood as they proclaim. Yet, I like your argument for the only man who doesn’t have enough experience to ruin his chances as a presidential hopeful.
    @ Moveable: Exactly. Exactly. As we’ve witnessed, you can put a talentless clown up there (Bush or Ronald McDonald), and you’d still get the same results. Clinton just knew how to pain the picture better. That’s real.

  4. As always, we are in agreeance on this matter. I can say I disliked Bush way before it became the popular thing to do. We have been desynthesized and become complacent in our everyday lives. Although the media has become more outspoken on how they feel about the war and the Bush administration, they aren’t sending a constant message. Things like Paris Hilton going to jail, Nicole Richie being pregnant, Brittany Spears realizing she is washed up, all dominate the media on a constant basis, as if they are more important than real issues. And if there is no constant call for an end or a change, the battle cries become few and inbetween, getting quieter and quieter. Also, since “I hate Bush” is the popular thing to do, it is more of the fashionably right thing to say than actually something people beleive in enough to care about it and stand behind it. It is easy to say you dislike someone, but you don’t take action toward fixing the issue. It’s like I said it, isn’t that enough? Kanye’ West got on National TV and stated that Bush doesn’t like Black people, and now instead of doing more to increase Black unity , he’s fueding with 50 Cent. Which, once again is getting more media time than Iraq!

    Politics and other mediums will continue to take advantage of simple minded america. That’s just the fact of the matter. That is the nature of the beast, to take advantage of the less fortunate. I could go all day talking about that. Until we wise up and take a serious stand about what is happening, instead of just nodding and agreeing without all the facts (Read THIS insanity: http://www.xanga.com/dillylilly/611365529/if-you-had-one-minute-with-president-bush-what-would-you-tell-him.html), or acting like they aern’t happening, or concentrating on issues of complete and utter nonsense, we will forever be in the position we are in today. Only, the next time around could have far more dire consequences.

    Great post as ususal, brother. :)

  5. The problem is the number of people who voted for him, particularly in the last election. It’s possible he actually won that time. The last time, with his brother’s state, and his Daddy’s court…everyone could see what happened there.

    There’s a Republican slime machine that makes elections about gay marriage, and turns war heroes into cowards. They get away with murder.

    What’s frightening is how few Democrats stand up like Olbermann. Lots of so-called Democrats are lining up against labor and against teachers, supporting educational “reforms” that make teachers, and teachers only, accountable for everything.

  6. lets bring dinner to the table in grand fashion shall we for this certainly feels like the end game for world power. its just now america’s face is on the cereal box so to speak while before we attempted to accomplish such objectives by just sending some weapons and cash to the side of our preference. sounds a lot like wilson’s rhetoric of democracy having the freedom to be practice everywhere but trumped up american electorates don’t seem to be getting the job done at home or abroad.. what a surprise there.

    personally, for me to waste my energy hating bush would be stupid of me.. i would be much better served hating the whole political system and the fact that policy and laws can be purchased with campaign contributions. while every one is out there talking about rock the vote. if california pulls it off electoral college votes will be able to be divided by congressional districts as opposed to entire states. electronic balloting with no paper trail which has been proven to be highly susceptible to tampering becoming more of a reality. yet some one wants to tell me that a vote matters.. haha…all this going on i don,t have the time or the inclination to hate bush because holding national political figures responsible is almost as funny as trying to hold god responsible for the lost of your twenty dollars.. anyway… its always good to read your page.. piece and blessings..

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