5 Things I’m Going To Hate / Love About Going Back Tomorrow

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

"It was getting harder and harder to stay psyched."

"It was getting harder and harder to stay psyched."

I’m already hearing the grumbles and mumbles from my fellow workers about having to go to work tomorrow, especially those of us who were fortunate enough to have a long break throughout the 12 days of Christmas. Personally I had a good time playing Santa Claus, writing, programming, and sleeping longer than the 6 or so hours I usually get. It was really nice. Plus, I discovered that I’m balding a bit in the front, so the more relaxation I could get, the better (sorry to those that didn’t have that extended break).

Nonetheless, here are the 5 things I’m going to hate about going in tomorrow.

1. The trip: I’m going to travel an hour or so by train to get back to work. Jumping on that iron horse again after this long time off is going to hurt my soul.

2. Waking up at 530am: Can I wake up like normal people, at around 630 or 7 so I can get to work?

3. Talking to people: Honest to goodness, even with my popularity, there are times when I could use a little isolation. Now, it’s back to interacting with people. Not just sitting behind a cubicle, but actually having to present an idea in front of little people and hoping their attention lasts a good 5-10 minutes before they lose it. Nice.

4. Working my own schedule: I loved dictating my own schedule. Oh, I’m going to get on Twitter now? OK, let me get on Twitter now. Oh, I’m going to eat breakfast at 12 noon? Sure, no problem. Now, it’s, “if you don’t eat lunch at 5th period, you’re gonna starve until you leave.” Or, “Um, yeah, I’m going to need you to come by at this time, ’cause we have a meeting, and um, yeah, that’s where I need you to be, ok?”

5. Having to come back from work: The ride coming back is worse because a) I’ve taken to napping on the A train, and it often leaves me more exhausted and b) that A train back is far too crowded.

Now, knowing all of that, why would I love going back?

1. A second chance: everyday I go back and think about how I can get better at my job, and find myself in these people

2. Interacting with people: there’s a good and a bad with all, right?

3. Helping others grow: in my profession, I’m blessed with the opportunity to help others see better for themselves.

4. The wait: After a while I start anticipating what my next move’s going to be when I get in that classroom. I start getting anxious until I just scream “Enough already! Let’s get in there!”

5. What else am I going to write about? My blog is mainly about education: what else am I going to do with myself if I don’t have that? Politics? Poetry? The weather? Blogging about blogging? No thanks. These kids give me stories for days.

Anything I’m missing? I’m pretty sure I got ’em all for me.

Jose, who needs to get his butt into bed …