A Call To Inter-Action! (Google Reader)

Jose Vilson Jose

courtesy of Ken Burbary

A few weeks ago, Google revealed Barack Obama and John McCain’s Internet reading list for the world to see. Most of it wasn’t surprising: Barack goes left and John goes right. Most of it is political news and the world keeps rolling, because we’ve seen all these blogs before. But ever wonder what some of your other blog heroes (::ahem me::) read too?

Well, no worries, ’cause when you add me on the Google network, you read what I read! All 90 blogs or so. I pick the best, you read the rest. Simple, right? What’s better about this is that like-minded people can also share their blogs; if you desperately want me to read a blog, I’ll just get it in my G-Reader. For instance, Eva, who recently joined Google Reader, just sent me a post courtesy of FailBlog.org. She clicks, “Share.” I log in. I click on her name. I read. I double over with laughter. I GChat her back with “LMAO!” Repeat.

Easy right?

Some of my blogs include:

NY Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer
Hasta Los Gatos Quieren Zapatos
The Daily Gotham
Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York
Jeff Pearlman
Boing Boing
NYC Educator

Of course, you probably expected some of these, but this is really a small sample of the 90+ blogs I have access to daily, and the information is anywhere from titillating to outright absurd, and everywhere in between. My vision for Google Reader is to create a streamlined reading club where everyone reads a bunch of the best and obscure blogs out there and shares the information with others … like me :-).

Google Reader is dope. Not heroine, but just as addicting. Not saying that other services don’t do this, but by far, Google Reader is the most user-friendly, especially if you have GMail already. With that said, subscribing to my blog is good in any reader, but if you want to find out what I’m reading so I can stay informed about everything from education and politics to hip-hop and all-out foolishness, hit me up on Google Reader.

And yes, people are reading, so if you have a tip on Google Reader tips, a person I should be “friends” with on that service, or other cool Internet tips, leave a comment below.

jose, who wants to talk a little about web design as soon as he finishes his long overdue remake of his site: thejosevilson.com