About My Blog: Just Omissions

Jose Vilson

Homer’s Brain Non-ExistentI had over 200 views on my latest end-of-the-year blog, which is awesome, and duly appreciated. I put out a lot of my personal life into the blogosphere and have gotten nothing but praises and well wishes. It takes a lot for me to put myself out there like that about certain things, but with your support, entries like that are possible.

With that said, a few notes of interest:

– I omitted my girlfriend’s name and her picture, something I’m sure a couple of people wondered about as they read the little part about her. While I care a lot about her, I also understand that behind those computer screens, there are still human beings, some of whom don’t care about the well-being of my personal matters, so long as they can find a weakness of some sort. I hate to be the pessimist, but some people don’t really enjoy seeing others happy even when it has nothing to do with their own lives, so they seek out those who do live happy lives and push them down. They’ll find some weakness or try and find some dirt so that either they can raise their own self-esteem or bring the other’s down to where they are. Misery loves company.

It’s not only something I’ve experienced in the WWW, but in real life, too, and ever since the last time it happened, I made sure never to reveal who the person was, even if she specifically asked me to. The pictures included in the last post are of my brother, favorite rapper of all time, friend, the 3rd baseman for the New York Yankees (who I still have to write about), and father, but for both of our sanities, I have to refuse to show you pictures of her, or us. Besides, people honestly have a weird sense of recklessness on the Internet. Even when I’m at my most open, I have to pull back a bit.

– I omitted much of the 2007 blog business (i.e. joining the Afrospear, going from like 5 readers to 80+) because I’ll do that for my blogoversary.

– I omitted my progress report on the books I’m writing because every time I think I have a good idea of what the book’s going to look like, I just hit Delete on a whole chunk of it in my mind and start over because it could be that much better.

– I omitted all the random meetings I had with random celebrities and such because most of my friends always mention when they meet celebrities, so everyone within an earshot always mentions what celebrity they’ve met, been next to, slept with, or are related to, and I’m not in the mood for that nonsense. I see the importance of establishing oneself and meeting them eye-to-eye, as peers not idols.

– With that said, I omitted how I went to see Mana and Three Mo Tenors this year, both of whose concerts were absolutely awesome.

I think I’m done. For my teachers, good luck to us tomorrow. Maybe we can start off my reminding them for the classroom procedures. Maybe.

jose, who wants his readers to ask him a question. any question. honestly. just be ready for the answers, too.

p.s. – No, really, if you have a question that you’d like me to answer via the blog, please do so. It’s OK. Just no more indecent proposals, please.