Aggressively Patient

Jose Vilson

koolaidman.gifImagine if you’re sitting there with a bunch of baskets and a ton of eggs telling yourself, “Man, I wonder if I should put all these eggs in this one or that one.” Well, the old adage definitely applied here: don’t do it. However, the idea of being aggressively patient is more analogous to taking a hammer and trying to rip down a wall.

I usually knock on the wall, just to see where the hollowest spots are. Some people might knock on a spot thinking it was hollow, but it was just a crack. Others might knock directly on wood, and mess up their whole operation. I do my best to find the spot that feels right to me, and then I get to work. It’s something I’ve learned and has proved to be successful personally and professionally.

It’s the same with the writing career I’m trying to develop. On the one end, I could flood the market with all my material and do a little too much, and on the other, I could do too little and never get seen. Neither one works. However, if I just select a couple of projects I want to take on and a few contests I want to take on, and then give my best to those, then I might get somewhere.

I’ve become aggressively patient just by my own nature, but more because of my own experiences. Besides, I need my sanity. Thanks for the question, CaliforniaTeacherGuy.

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