And Justice For All [Troy Davis Must Be Freed]

Jose Vilson Jose

Wayne Hicks of Electronic Village sent me this, and I have to agree: we must do everything we can to ensure they stop the execution of Troy Grant. Along with other prisoners wrongly convicted, Troy Davis is one of hundreds (if not thousands) of men and women who were thrown into jail under suspect circumstances. We must eliminate this prison industrial complex, and it starts with one. Thank you for helping us in this manner.

Dear kinfolk,

In 1991, Troy Davis was convicted of murdering a white police officer. Though there’s major evidence that Davis didn’t commit the crime, Georgia just scheduled his execution. There’s still a chance of stopping this — but only if we speak up now.

The fact is, no physical evidence connected Davis to the murder. Seven of the original nine witnesses have recanted, with many saying their testimony was a result of law enforcement pressure. Of the remaining witnesses, one is highly suspect and the other could be the actual culprit in the officer’s murder.

Now, despite these and other facts, the state of Georgia has taken the final steps toward Davis’ execution — and only the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole stands between Davis and the lethal injection chamber.

Georgia may be about to kill an innocent man. That’s not justice. Please join me and my friends at in taking action to stop Troy Davis’ execution. You can help in four ways:

1. Sign the petition asking Chatham County District Attorney Chisolm to oppose Troy’s execution:

2. Help us tell Troy’s story to thousands of Georgia residents by making a contribution to the effort to buy ads in Georgia media:

3. Write a letter to the editor of local and national newspapers:

4. Spread the word to others. Forward this email to your friends and family, and share the links to the petition and donation pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Since Troy Davis’ 1991 conviction, numerous facts have emerged that introduce significant doubt as to his guilt. These facts include:

  • All but two of the original witnesses against Troy Davis have signed affidavits recanting their earlier testimony. Most claim that their testimony was coerced by police officers.1
  • Multiple witnesses say that another man — one of the original witnesses against Davis — has claimed to have slain the fallen officer.2
  • The weapon used in the murder was never found. The only physical evidence connecting Davis to the crime was circumstantial — and new testimony disputes Davis’s connection to that evidence.3

In light of this evidence, the Supreme Court granted Davis another chance. But instead of an actual new trial before a jury, which would mean the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is on the prosecutor, he got an evidentiary hearing before a single federal judge where Davis’ lawyers had the burden to meet an impossibly high and undefined legal standard.

Unbelievably, the judge rejected the new evidence and cleared the way for Davis’ execution. But even he acknowledged lingering doubt, noting that the case against Davis was not “ironclad.”

But “ironclad” is exactly what the evidence should be in order to put someone to death. If the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole doesn’t act to stop Davis’ execution, they’ll run a serious risk of putting an innocent man to death. That is not acceptable.

Please join me and my friends at in asking the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole to save Troy Davis’ life by commuting his sentence to life in prison. And when you do, please ask your friends and family to do the same.



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