And The Crowd Goes Wild

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

200414000-001.jpgBy the way, I didn’t know my last blog was blocked from comments, but that’s fine. It was a post I just needed to exhale. Thanks for your concerns again, though.

On my way back from Florida, I had to think of what poems I wanted to perform for the Tavern of Creativity (presented by Cathy Delaleu and hosted by Rob Bless). I was invited by Cathy, so for that I was grateful. I was a little nervous; I just got back from seeing my father in a hospital bed, and I didn’t know if I was even up for it. Little did I know that the performance was exactly what I needed to relieve my stress.

Besides the great atmosphere, the food, and the performances, I also felt I had grown so much since the last time I performed in front of people. With all the teaching, speeches, and blogs, I felt I got a better sense of what it means to reach a wide audience. So I got up there and did “I’m Full,” “Whoops,” and “Armaggedon is Upon Us.” (I can’t put those online, but if you want them by e-mail, I can provide that.) I even did a little “I Wonder” by Kanye West. I can’t speak on everyone else’s experiences there, but with a packed house receptive to a crazy middle school teacher’s rantings, I felt anything was possible.

What’s more is that many of the artists up there were already published, and had works up for sale at the event, and I couldn’t provide that at the moment. It was interesting to see how they responded to me. Sometimes you’ll get the snide comments, but the artists there were so open about things and genuine, so it was cool.

Anyways, school’s still cool. I’m still optimistic, but I’m already starting to see where I’m going to have issues, and that goes for everything and one in the school. So far so good, though, and I’ve been dressed professionally every day, which is a result of and has helped cause my rather optimistic and positive attitude. I don’t feel the pressure I did before, and it’s helped a lot. Tomorrow, I’m teaching the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (basically, every number greater than 1 has a unique set of primes, etc. etc.). I’ve already taught the sieve of Eratosthenes, so that’s exciting. I’m sure JD2718 appreciates that, especially since I’m teaching 6th graders this.

Anyways, week 3 is upon us NYC teachers. Holla back …

jose, who has an education rant just waiting to come out of him …