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Kings of Leon

Everytime I come across December 1st, I think about the millions of people across the world who have constant reminders of their impending doom, and that no matter what they do or how well they keep themselves in shape, their impending mortality becomes not only more certain but with a shorter timeline than average. Oftentimes, they’re stripped from a certain aspect of their lives or dreams because they physically and mentally have an upper limit that doesn’t allow them to think past 3, 4, 10 years. If that.

Rather than bringing it upon ourselves to look at this situation fatalistically, it should inspire us to try and live the best lives possible. While many of us readers don’t have AIDS or other debilitating diseases, we still need to consider our own time span to exert as much energy and peace into a world lacking it. In a major way.

Lately, in my teaching, I’ve tried to find more effective methods of disciplining my kids before they go into high schools where no one’s going to speak to them when they mess up. Or slip up. Or drip out. Or drop out. Until we have systems in place that care more for humans and not the bottom line, this may always be the case. However, the biggest thing I’ve learned since taking on the job is that, regardless of what may happen to a child after I’ve taught them, they eventually live as occupants of this Earth, contributing positively no matter what their station.

I came to this interesting conclusion after reflecting on the very first class I had. As I’m seeing them grow into their own men and women on MySpace / Facebook, I’m getting a good understanding of the sorts of seeds I need to plant to make sure the ones I have under my wing now understand their global impact. Or so I hope. While many of the graduates thank me in part for their emotional development, there’s always that question about what more can I give?

Of course, as this is running through my head, I’m still far away from my eventual goal of becoming the best teacher I possibly can, but that goes with everything I do. I need to be somebody before I can help someone else be …

Mr. V, who remembers World AIDS Day even when it’s not December 4th …