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Jose Vilson

SevenI’ve been tagged by JD to do the 7 Things Meme. I really thought I got hit with this meme, but it was really the Crazy 8s, so technically I never got hit with the 7 Things Meme. That’s weird coming from someone whose made his rounds and then some in the blogosphere, but I guess it’s only appropriate.

1. My blog runs on a schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I did this in accordance with my own schedule, and have been since 2003, so it works for me.

2. I usually get mistaken for an English / Social Studies teacher until it comes time to calculate the bill, tip and everything.

3. I have a good 5-6 posts on reserve in case I ever run out of material to discuss on this blog, but the world spins far too fast for me to not have anything to discuss. Come to think of it, I have a good 7 posts in my head as we speak.

4. I used to be a devout Catholic until I found how much of that religion was clouding my judgment. I also researched Islam and Buddhism, but frankly, I’m far too unstructured to care much about any of it. I don’t hate on those who do practice the religions; oftentimes, I have to participate in Catholic rituals due to my family. It just doesn’t work for what I believe, and the more I find out, the less I’m inclined to become part of any specific religion, denomination, or anything of that nature.

5. I have met at least 5 people from every other forum of Internet expression I’m actively involved with except for this blog. On Xanga, I met over 80 people, but only 30 of them intentionally. On MySpace, I met a couple of people here and there. On Facebook, I met maybe 2 of them as well. On this forum: zero. It looks like that might change soon, but more on that to follow.

6. I actually like it when I find something damning about my heroes and idols. It makes them human. When I found out that MLK Jr. had extra-marital affairs, or Malcolm X was once a slick hustler, or that John Lennon used to do tons of drugs, I became even more enthralled in their lives. I mean, the man who we consider Jesus Christ (Yoshua bin Yosef, Horus, the Sun) used to hang with the lowest of the low in his heyday.

7. I’m not as anti-Bush as most of my brethren. Let me explain: Bush is the epitome of American corruptive audaciousness. Not only does he not really care for the people of this country, he’ll tell you (read between the ill-written lines). And if he doesn’t, then everyone else in the office certainly will. For this small cabal of masters and corroborators to exalt GWBush into this position in the face of the American people makes the rest of the country look like idiots for not seeing exactly why and how this all happened. I think Bush is appropriate for a people so apathetic and disillusioned with concerns of whether or not presidential candidates should wear American flags on their lapels or which celebrity will make it to the top of the news before they find out how many more young people die across the Atlantic and within our own borders. This country deserves Bush, and if you say you hate Bush, but can honestly only site that he looks like a monkey, that he speaks funny, or that your friends are anti-Bush so you have to stick with them, then you deserve Bush, too.

Extra: For a blogger, I’m a much better listener than I am a talker.

jose, who finds it disconcerting that these points of view are called radical when I’m just saying what the news is telling me …