Book Giveaway May 2010: War by Sebastian Junger

Jose Vilson Book Giveaway

War by Sebastian Junger

Welcome to the first ever The Jose Vilson book giveaway!


I’ll be doing a few of these giveaways over the next couple of months. The rules are as follows:

1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with the words: “It’s not about a salary; it’s all about reality!”

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The last day to enter your comment is Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), 2010 at 11:59pm. A winner will be randomly selected from all the commenters. Multiple entries are not allowed. Once you win, I’ll contact you directly with further details.

The first book I’m giving away is WAR by Sebastian Junger. I’m really excited about this book! The editor writes:

Dear Reader,

Those of us who loved The Perfect Storm have been waiting for Sebastian Junger to return to his forte, the ordeals of men in extreme circumstances. So I am thrilled to introduce you to what I am certain will be one of the most powerful and widely read books of the season, WAR.

For fifteen months, Junger followed a single platoon that was based at a remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan. His objective was both simple and ambitious: to convey what soldiers experience – what war actually feels like.

It is a story of fear, of killing, and of love. Junger describes the bonding that happens among young men in battle. All animals will defend their young. Some will even defend their mates. But human beings are the only animals willing to die for a cause, and for one another. Better than anything i’ve read on this subject, WAR explains why.

Much has been written about the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, but not nearly enough attention has been focused on the soldiers themselves: how they love, what they see and learn and fee what they are at war. Sebastian Junger’s indelible account wil deepen your understanding of what’s happening in a distant part of the world, but WAR’s lasting contribution will be its acutely observed and heartfelt depiction of a defining experience that, for most of us, remains both a mystery and the ultimate test of character.

Jonathan Karp

Remember the rules and good luck to all the contestants!

Jose, who’s in such a giving mood …

P.S. – This book was generously offered by the folks at Hachette Book Group. Thank you!