Edutopia + Jose Vilson = Back To School [... And Another One]

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To my readers: Thanks to your support, I am happy to announce that Edutopia has invited me to write a guest blog for their website. (Full disclosure: they’re sponsored by the George Lucas Education Foundation. Yes, that George Lucas.) Here’s an excerpt from my back-to-school posted entitled “Cheat Sheet for the First Days of School”: As the bulletin boards go …


Why You Should Worry About Khan Academy, Not Just Math Geeks [Future of Teaching]

Guest Posts, Mr. Vilson

Excerpt: The trend of gamifying our culture has had some benefits in other areas. Weight Watchers uses a points system to discourage customers from eating fatty foods. Nike+ has developed a specialized program (with shoes!) that help you compete against others through exercise. Klout uses equations to help rank people and brands through social media. Games often find themselves in …

How Many Houses Have You Built? [On The Future of Teaching Blog]

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Excerpt: However, I can’t help but feel some sort of way about the risk / reward dynamic that’s played itself out when it comes to advocacy. As professionals, how long can teachers wait until our profession gets completely stripped away from us? How much will we tolerate policy committees and education panels without so much as a former teacher, much …


On Rue, Trayvon, and All Of Our Children [My First CNN Exclusive]

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Excerpt: Teens are the predominant target group for this movie. At some point, don’t we as a society have to step in and question what we’re teaching our children about race? Isn’t it our responsibility as caring adults to tell our children that our differences only make our country richer in experience? How do we get our young boys and …

We No Speak Americano [Future of Teaching]

Guest Posts, Mr. Vilson

Excerpt: While we should always have a skeptical eye towards new research, here’s hoping this movement towards bilingual education doesn’t die the way the movement towards the metric system. (As a math teacher, I’m still annoyed at having to use inches instead of centimeters.) At this point in education, we’ve only had a passing fancy with other languages. Spanish, French, …

A Profession and a Promotion? Why Not Both?! [On The Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: John Holland’s move back into the classroom demonstrates this almost to a tee. One might wonder why someone who has so many accomplishments and got the title of “child development specialist” would go back to a simpler title of “teacher.” People who acquire the former title often get even fancier titles, promotions, and salaries. With that comes the knowledge …


Teachers Teach and Do The World Good [GOOD Magazine]

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Excerpt: In light of the lack of diversity in thought and culture within our teaching corps, there’s an astounding disconnect. I don’t believe that only teachers of color should teach diverse students, but only 17 percent of public school teachers and 19 percent of principals are of color, and out of the 7.2 million-plus K-12 teachers, only about 534,000 elementary …