Teachers Teach and Do The World Good [GOOD Magazine]

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Excerpt: In light of the lack of diversity in thought and culture within our teaching corps, there’s an astounding disconnect. I don’t believe that only teachers of color should teach diverse students, but only 17 percent of public school teachers and 19 percent of principals are of color, and out of the 7.2 million-plus K-12 teachers, only about 534,000 elementary educators are of color. That number drops to 199,000 by …

FUBU for Teaching Standards [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: I know there are a billion frameworks, most notably from Charlotte Danielson and Robert Marzano. I also don’t have faith in people who sell their products to districts who muck up any effort to improve the teaching profession with real research. Akin to what we do with students, Campbell’s Law comes into effect when we continually hammer in the idea that teachers should follow (narrow) checklists and rubrics to …

Classic Soul Train

I Prefer To Boogie On The Soul Train [Future of Teaching]

Jose Vilson Guest Posts, Mr. Vilson

Excerpt: As I’ve gotten older and seen how different movements work, I’ve noticed that, whether charitable or nefarious, the most effective movements have a small, malleable, and memorable set of core beliefs and tenets for their congregation. Obviously, the core team of Teaching 2030 represents that. The diversity in ed-thought reigned supreme over the diversity of experiences, but we all held a few core beliefs that make our partnership so …

Teachers Coming For Dinner, Not Dessert [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: Back when we set a course to deliver a message for education, about education, and by educators, we had a hopeful and realistic vision of what we believed 2030 could look like if the right minds got into the huddle with us. The difference between our study and so many others is that we didn’t come from a strictly policy point-of-view, but one of a practitioner with our hands …

Because iPads Can’t Read Themselves [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: More importantly, if a portable reading device is more intuitive and more interactive, doesn’t that (at least minimally) connect the reader with the text? People still want to read, but no matter what the medium. Much of it is a matter of relevance and engagement. Conde Nast, for instance, made an excellent move recently by developing app versions of their magazines. Wired Magazine particularly functions MUCH better under the …

Stephen Lazar, Brian Ford, myself, and others at #OccupyWallStreet, NJTAG pre-Columbus Day Teach-In

As An Educator, Are You Occupying or Being Preoccupied? [GOOD Magazine]

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Excerpt: When we hear inaccurate statements about our profession, we ought to stand up and correct them—our battle is a fight against false ideas as well. As we elevate our profession by accurately discussing it, we should seek self-empowerment in the way we speak about our classrooms. Teachers can either continue to let others dictate the words we use to describe our profession or we can occupy the classroom, staying …

Educate So Hard, Michael Bloomberg Wanna Fine Me [Education Week]

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Excerpt: As in any other subculture, rap aficionados argue about which rapper has produced the most impressive output. Jay-Z has cited Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., and 2Pac as “greats”—and his career is often compared with theirs. The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac met untimely deaths in 1997, so comparisons are limited. But Nas’ “Illmatic” is considered one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Few hip-hop fans believe any of …

What’s Next: Auto-tuning Our Lessons, Too? [On The Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: For some of our less fortunate colleagues, they may get mandated to use a scripted curriculum pre-written for them. This method has some validity with those who don’t get the training in their ed-schools (and trust me, there’s lots), but should teachers prescribe to this method? At some point, we have to ask ourselves, are lesson plans reflective of a student’s needs and passions or are they just a …

Evaluating the Evaluators, Part 1 [On The Future of Teaching]

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Here’s an excerpt from The Future of Teaching: Your choice of Renee Moore speaks volumes of what you believe about the profession. Yes, her voice demonstrates the awesome possibilities of having someone who understands the inner workings of teaching from a policy standpoint that’s ripe with depth about all types of children, not just the ones that stand to benefit from our current policy. She amalgamates the best from the …

Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, and Tony Reali

Special Guests on Pardon the Interruption: Jose Vilson and John Holland! [Future of Teaching]

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Wilbon: I’m Michael Wilbon. Kornheiser: And I’m Tony Kornheiser, and welcome to the PTI program. We have a special edition of OddsMakers today because we’re old and tired. Wilbon: Maybe you’re old, but I’m tired from the EXCITEMENT of this year’s NBA Finals. K: I was tired from my first name being used all night last night at the Tony’s. W: Can we welcome our guests already? K: With us, …