Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, and Tony Reali

Special Guests on Pardon the Interruption: Jose Vilson and John Holland! [Future of Teaching]

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Wilbon: I’m Michael Wilbon. Kornheiser: And I’m Tony Kornheiser, and welcome to the PTI program. We have a special edition of OddsMakers today because we’re old and tired. Wilbon: Maybe you’re old, but I’m tired from the EXCITEMENT of this year’s NBA Finals. K: I was tired from my first name being used all night last night at the Tony’s. W: Can we welcome our guests already? K: With us, …

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga As A Model for Education [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: Some might say she’s a product of social engineering, but if anything, she’s the engineer. In the same way, we already have come to the conclusion that learning can’t just happen in class. Much of the mantra these days is still centered on teacher-directed instruction. While I do believe there’s room for that, especially in more technical arenas, there has to be a sense that learning comes 24 / …

Draft of a Letter to the New York State Board of Regents 2011

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To Whom This May Concern: Anytime I get the opportunity to score the New York State Mathematics Exam, whether as scoring leader, table leader, or part of the scoring team, I try to ingest the super-technical rubrics and guidelines in order to be the best scorer possible. Every time we sit through the trainings, whichever end I sit on, the sea of groans often shakes the walls of the gymnasium …

Great Teachers Still Need Apply [The Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: Transformative pedagogy is so critical to the 21st century that we can no longer accept that we the teachers are the epicenter of all things educational. However, the one thing we can accept responsibility for is teaching students how to learn. The rigors of our most growing fields demand that we push students to learn those skills even when we have no idea what’s on the horizon. For content …

We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore [The Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: Thus, the term “teacherpreneur” gets mixed up with terms like “education entrepeneur” (see: Rhee) instead of what it’s intended to do: allow teachers to create their own opportunities while still serving in the classroom. If we continue to perceive the teachers as the hired help (Renee Moore’s a genius), then we’ll continue to get treated as such. It’s amazing that, even as the ideas in the book gain traction …

My State of the Teacher Voice Address 2011 [The Huffington Post]

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Excerpt: We as a whole need to transform our vision of the professionals who spend on average $400 of their monies to the 30, 60, 90, 150 students in front of them for the majority of the year. We should listen to this group not just when they need to give your child a report card, but also when they speak on the dire conditions of our poorest and most …

The Awesome Panel Discussion at The Ford Foundation [The Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: Teacher voice is critical in any discussion about education. Whether we’re in our schools or in think tanks, the progress we make as educators depends highly on whether the experts within the classroom can determine the parameters of their professionalism individually and collectively. Some people fear this, wondering whether too much teacher voice will elicit petulant jabber or nonsensical “union” talk. They ignore teachers en masse when they step …

Just Trust Us [The Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: Before policymakers and other key stakeholders can make decisions surrounding educational accountability, they would do well to focus their full attentions on the idea of trust. It’s the characteristic most lacking in every discussion about the word accountability in education, and with good reason. The present economic situation has many afraid that, like most industries, education departments will find ways to cut teaching jobs in the name of efficiency. …

Derek Jeter and Phil Hughes

Teachers Should Get Paid Like Derek Jeter … or At Least Like Phil Hughes [Huffington Post]

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An excerpt from my latest Huffington Post article: Since most teachers’ audiences are children, their true worth only get analyzed in retrospect, in comparison to the next teacher or in a nostalgic and proud moment of that childhood. An underlying argument could (and should) be made for this nation to raise the salaries of teachers (and other public service workers) for one of the most affluent and powerful nations in …