A Day On, Never A Day Off

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Some news: my manuscript is officially turned in. Outside of a few edits here and there, I’m confident that this draft is the draft and every draft from here on after will be the grammatical equivalent of shooing away really tiny fleas. After the editing process proved to wring my deepest thoughts out like a sponge, I was asked by …

Nelson Mandela

The Top 8 Things That Are Just Like Apartheid, By Grant Wiggins

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That’s it. I’m proposing that, as of now, there be a Mandela’s Law, a Godwin’s Law corollary, which states that anytime you make inappropriate use of apartheid in an argument, you’ve already lost. Exhibit A (and Ground Zero): Grant Wiggins’ latest salvo on teachers and students having different restrooms and cafeterias. Um, what?! For one, I know plenty of schools …

Jaime Escalante Folded Arms

Why This Teacher Of Color Is Staying

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In the last month, there were a plethora of highly publicized articles on why teachers quit, the most poignant came from the Atlantic’s Amanda Machado, whose title “Why Do Teachers Of Color Quit?” hit me square in the jaw: That life-long aspiration is the last issue that teachers from lower-income backgrounds struggle with. There is something disheartening about working so …

George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

I Will Be The Muhammad Ali Of Education Writing (My Top Ten Posts of 2013)

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Dear reader, The reason I haven’t spoken about Kanye West all year is because, in some ways, I’ve occupied a similar space that he does in education discussion. I don’t mean marrying Kim Kardashian, either. Here’s the list of my top ten posts according to how many views I got: Chris Christie and Why Teaching Intersects With Women’s Rights I’m Diane …


Emphasizing The Merry This Christmas

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The mantra for fathers like me is, “As long as they’re happy, we’re happy.” Christmas time always has one dark cloud hanging over it with memories of my aunt who passed away almost twenty years ago, and now this year with my father passing away a couple of weeks ago. As a father, the stakes have changed. The inner turmoil …

Asa Phillip Randolph

Why Yes, You CAN Address Inequality and Your Pet Project At The Same Time

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Ever notice that whenever someone brings up issues of inequality, another person is bound to say, “Yes, that’s a necessary conversation, but let’s work on this [not-as-significant] policy issue first!” but then, when that’s resolved in one form or another, inequality is still on the table, left to those of us who deal with the consequences? Yeah, me neither. This …

Why New York Isn’t Ready For The Common Core [PhilanthropyNY]

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I was recently asked to write for the Education Funders Research Initiative, a collective of education funders and researchers from around New York City, and their first question was, “Is New York City ready for Common Core implementation?” Of course, I saw plenty of problems with this statement: Right now, however, I don’t see how New York City, much less …

Fred van Leeuwen, Secretary General, Education International

Interview with Fred van Leeuwen of Education International [Exclusive]

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  I had the pleasure of talking to Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education International (EI), a 30-million member federation consisting of the world’s teachers unions and associations. [NB: NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and AFT President Randi Weingarten have seats on the executive board for this organization.] For the average teacher in North America, we mostly focus on …