U, Black Maybe

Jose Vilson Jose

“I guess in his mind, though, there’s no doubt as to what I am. Suffice it to say, people immediately peg me as “Black.” That’s fine; there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s unfortunate, though, is how limiting these labels become. What does it mean to be Black in this country? And does it allow for people who don’t necessarily fit right in that slot?”

Simpsellent and A-Roids

Jose Vilson Jose

I just got back from a really good rendering of the TV-to-silver screen movie The Simpsons Movie, and it was awesome. It fulfilled its enormous …

More or Less

Jose Vilson Jose

Many of you are familiar with Talib Kweli the artist. Since the days of Black Star, he’s blossomed into a premier face for hip-hop music. …

Sons and Daughters

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

On Wednesday, during the afternoon homeroom period, a couple of my boys were walking with girls’ shoes in their hands. I didn’t understand why until …

Love, Reign O’er Me

Jose Vilson Jose

Alex Rodriguez comes up to bat against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, bottom of the 8th with the bases loaded, and I’m yelling at the …

The Divisibility Theorem

Jose Vilson Jose

*** I thought maybe some of my readers wouldn’t know some of this number theory I’m presenting here with this poem. Basically, the fundamental theorem …

40 Acres and a Basketball

Jose Vilson Jose

This weekend is probably one of my favorite weekends of the year, as it commemorates … the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. Every year, before I even …