Howl If You Hear Me

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Allen Ginsberg is the man. As a resident Lower East Sider and poet, I’ve always heard of his stuff, and respected him on street cred alone. Little did I know that this whole time, I’d already been exposed to Ginsberg through one of my already favorite poets, Amiri Baraka. In “Somebody Blew Up America,” he has a meme that always begins with “who,” just as Ginsberg’s “Howl” does in the …

Yankees Rodriguez Baseball

Short Notes: Give Me My Props

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A few notes: 1. Big Brown loses. To Da’ Tara. I hate to say that it looked like it was fixed, but … Not that I know much about horse racing, but such a strong horse finishes last when he was undefeated?! I understand there was a problem with his hoof before, but preliminary reports from doctors show that he had no significant health problems. Someone out there just went …


Domo Arigato, Mr. Vilson

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What’s been up with my writing lately, you ask? Crazy, mi gente. Crazy. I haven’t guest-posted on anyone’s site just yet (though I’m open to the idea), and I haven’t had a huge link from a big blog in a while, but certainly things are on the up and up. I already started looking into finishing my own book (finally), and got an offer to appear in another book (sweet), …


Soft Like Baby Talc

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I keep telling some of these “educators” that they can’t tell me nothin’. John Holland recently talked about the differences between urban and suburban education as it concerns one’s demeanor. In many educators’ eyes, they think just because they have a dream that they can go into any school and magically transform children into shiny, happy people. They have this vision that somehow their idealism can save Black and Latino …


The Truth Is …

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Yes, I popularized this meme. Don’t let any other blogger tell you differently. The truth is … I don’t care who’s reading this. The truth is … I’m cheering for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in the Finals. The truth is … we now know why Kobe is the MVP. The truth is … stats don’t tell the whole story. The truth is … I’m a Knicks fans just waiting …

Short Notes: Show Your Soul

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A few notes, for real: 1. The new Sports Museum of America in downtown Manhattan: FAN-tastic! Stressful because it’s a trip, but it was a good reward for those kids who did well. 2. The Staff v. 7th Grade Students basketball game was fun. I didn’t know I could still play since I haven’t played a real game in a year or two. 3. I finally have the right idea …

props to Mark Parisi

Curmudgeons Who Don’t Like Class Trips Huff and Puff

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After that passionate imaginary letter I wrote to one of my students on Tuesday, a few questions came up about how I approached the situation. Did your administration support you through this decision? In a word, yes. Though I knew I was right and I thought about my decision clearly, I still consulted with fellow teachers and administration, and I got the right response. I didn’t have to ask my …


You Just Might Find You Get What You Need

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No, I can’t let you go. Since the beginning of the year, I knew you had lots of potential. Yes, we had a rocky start. You are the jovial joker, who has little to no restraint with his wants and desires. Your mom supports you, and you seem to bring a smile to her face even when she’s done. Yet, she hasn’t taught you restraint, especially in academic settings. You …


Colossal Collisions

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I went with my girlfriend a week ago to the American Museum of Natural History near Central Park (NYC), mainly to watch the movie Colossal Collisions with the voice of Robert Redford (wondrous, really). and it just got me to thinking about our place on this Earth. For all that we clutter our lives with, the politics, debates, bills, social life, anger, hate, and yes, even love and / or …