The More You Know, The Less You Feel

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I once heard of a young man who thought so critically, and was so intelligent, he had to wear headphones just to tranquilize him. As if the thoughts he had in his head wouldn’t even let him socialize normally with others. I can only imagine how loud he had to put his headphones just to drown out those thoughts about the world. Confucius once said that the more you know, …

Fry Squinting

If I Squint Really Hard, I Might See Your Argument

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I love blog carnivals, because every time one comes up, not only do new and experienced people check out my rants, I also learn a lot from the plethora of posts (and the education carnival is growing by the month!) A month back, The Tempered Radical wrote an excellent piece about separating work behaviors from academics, and while I agreed, I also found myself thinking hard about the merits and …


Eco-Friendly My Rear

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Last night, my girl and I saw 88 Minutes, which I found to be a good enough movie to keep my attention. While watching the previews, I noticed a very environmental theme (that they almost literally shoved in our faces). There was talk about carbon footprints, recycling, and all the other buzzwords associated with environment-friendly groups. My overall feeling with that kind of advertisement is that, despite how eco-friendly these …

Miguel Tejada as a Baltimore Oriole

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

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Excuse the double negative, my people, but a brotha’s got a little less patience for fools than usual. Imagine me watching ESPN today, when I see a segment about 4-time All-Star (possibly more if not for the Jeter-A-Rod-Garciaparra collective from a few years back) and future Hall of Famer Miguel Tejada, now a member of the Houston Astros, but whose image has been tainted by the Mitchell Report for taking …


No Really, Utah Was That Good

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I can’t tell you how many preliminary reviews I got about Utah. Most of them involving race. “Jose, just you being there will significantly increase the population of Black and Latino males there.” After all, Utah has a reputation for a lack of diversity. Some often jokes how Karl Malone and Bryon Russell were the only 2 Black folk in the entire state, and of course I laughed. Outside of …


Day Of Solidarity for Darfur: What You Can Do

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I’ll discuss more of that tomorrow, but today, I have a special purpose. Days like these remind me why I often think about issues globally, but also try to balance it out with what we can do on an individual, local, and national level. Joining the Afrospear has often given me the opportunity to lend my voice to some of the most socially active bloggers walking this Earth, from Wayne …


Notes from the NCTM: Malcolm Gladwell Speech

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Mi gente, I’m here in Salt Lake City, UT, in a nice hotel with some beautiful mountains in the backdrop. Despite what others may believe, I’m not remotely bothered by the lack of racial diversity in this town. It’s been great. Customer service has been good, the conference in general is good, and the hotel’s awesome. Yes, it’s also because it’s a break from the kids, but the more I …


Thoughts Travel At Light Speed

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Today, I found myself in a whirlwind of activity, getting ready for the NCTM Conference in Salt Lake City, UT (math conference for my non-teacher folk). This included decorating my room a bit, cleaning out my desk, and getting those grants for Penny Harvest ready with my kids, along with trying to maintain some sort of peace within my class. Yesterday, I spent all afternoon copying some exercises for them …

Hector Lavoe, "El Cantante"

Yo Soy El Cantante (I Am The Singer)

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The first question I got asked was from Frumteacher, who looked forward to me answering these questions: Two requests for you to delve into, Jose: 1) What made you become a teacher? 2) How do you feel when you stand in front of the blackboard? Most of you are privy to my Vilson Manifesto in which I detail, and divulge, my purpose as a teacher, and how I wish to …