Emphasize The TEACHER In Teacher Leadership

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I wrote a little something here as a thought on teacher leadership. Check it at the Collaborateurs: That’s why I ought to start capitalizing the word “teacher” in the phrase “teacher leader.” The term “teacher leader” is so ubiquitous, you can’t help but wonder if people even know what it …

Tyrann Mathieu at the NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL Draft Has Lots To Teach Administrators [Edutopia]

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Here’s my recent article comparing the way the NFL recruits players in their scouting combine to what public education currently does. Stats and Equations vs. the Team as an Ecosystem Trying to develop equations for player effectiveness doesn’t always work well. ESPN tried to develop its own quarterback equation, but …

The Stakes Is High For Assessment [Collaborateurs]

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In my latest post at the new Collaborateurs blog (formerly known as Future of Teaching), I bring up a small group of people (including Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, David Johns) to task about assessment: It’s not that I disagreed with him …

Oscar Wilde

For Students, No Success Goes Unpunished

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It started from the first time teachers found out I could read above grade level. The kindergarten teacher, Ms. Greene, calls on some of her colleague to watch me read a book, where they marveled that I already knew how to enunciate words a few grades above grade level. My …

The Rock

If You Smell What I’m Cooking, Read This. [Future of Teaching]

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Clearly, we need to define what “teacher” means a little more, and “educator,” for that matter. We also need to understand what that means for teacher voice. I spark a discussion here: The term “celebrity teacher” is such a difficult one too, because it presumes that the spotlight should focus …