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Math As A Merit Badge (And Other Comments)

August 20, 2013 Mr. Vilson
Don't Drink and Derive

The responses to my last post about math (who said I’m not a math blogger again?) ranged from the plauditory to the super-critical. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite comments to my last piece. First, Michael Doyle sets the record straight: Algebra II has become a badge, one of many, that pretends to separate middle […]

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No One Puts Algebra 2 In A Corner (Math For All Kids)

August 19, 2013 Mr. Vilson
No One Puts Baby In The Corner

First, let me say that this Nicholson Baker article already starts off wrong by not discussing al-Khwarizmi’s contributions to algebra, mainly NAMING it. Secondly, this conversation about math reminds me of the conversation we had about Andrew Hacker’s article last year. Here’s another guy who ostensibly doesn’t have a focus in any math-related subjects trying […]

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Know Your Stuff (And Other Thoughts On Teacher Leadership) [Edutopia]

August 8, 2013 Mr. Vilson
Bayard Rustin

I wrote an epic post on Edutopia about transforming teacher leadership, especially for those just starting out. Here’s something you ought to know: 1. Know Your Stuff My advice to any teacher leader, new or old: know what you’re talking about. Teachers respect leaders who have expertise and demonstrate confidence in that expertise. Having classroom […]

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On Selling Your Lesson Plans [Making Money As A Teacher]

August 6, 2013 Mr. Vilson
Pay Teachers

Do you want to make money as a teacher? Of course you do. You know how hard it is to make money as a teacher? We already work enough unpaid hours grading papers, calling parents, and writing lesson plans. Why not profit off of it? These and other questions came up today because a frequent […]

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The Difference Between “Best Practices” and Teacher Expertise [TransformED]

July 29, 2013 Mr. Vilson

My latest at TransformED. It’s been a long time, but I thought I’d share. Check this: Obviously, I would love for the students to prove me wrong, but in my experience, I haven’t yet. If anything, it tells me that, if I know the existing issues, I can spend more time working with students and […]

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