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In these posts, I share some of the pieces I’ve read from around the web. Some of them are blogs from colleagues and others come from major publications … and everyone in between.

Short Notes: David Foster Wallace On Hip-Hop?

August 18, 2013 Short Notes
Dwight Schrute on My Facebook Page

A few notes: First, thanks to everyone who liked my Facebook page. Please do give it a “like” when you get a chance. We have awesome discussions and cool co-conspirators. [Facebook] David Foster Wallace had an opinion on hip-hop that I actually found kinda dope. I wouldn’t highlight it otherwise. [NY Daily News] Maria Popova […]

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Short Notes: Rustin Would Have Snickered At Clinton Onstage

August 11, 2013 Short Notes
Barack Obama with Bill Russell

A few notes: This week, President Obama awarded Bayard Rustin with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with notables such as Arturo Sandoval, Loretta Lynn, and Bill Clinton. I’m almost certain Bayard would have rolled his eyes at Bill Clinton, especially with regards to his proliferation of imprisonment. [Huffington Post] Andy Borowitz reports that Amazon founder […]

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Short Notes: Intersectionality of Race and Gender via Questlove

July 28, 2013 Short Notes
Questlove, of the Roots

A few notes: This graphic is what I try to tell people about teachers. We work all summer, just not necessarily with kids. [Upworthy] I didn’t have the heart to read this before, but Questlove’s letter about “not being shit” resonated with me on a deep level. [NYMag] Jamilah Lemieux wrote a thorough critique of […]

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Short Notes: With Tears and Cheers

July 7, 2013 Short Notes
Mona Eltahawy

A few notes: Edutopia highlights five, count em, FIVE books I think you should read. Just go. Read em if you haven’t already. [Edutopia] When discussing the path of citizenship, this is what really matters. Five fifths human. [Los Angeles Times] The New York Times editorial board thinks there should be changes made to the […]

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Short Notes: What Exactly Is Emancipation?

June 23, 2013 Short Notes

A few notes: My latest post at The Collaborateurs talks about my own journey as an alternative certification teacher to where I am now. [CTQ] Phillippe Copeland questions the meaning of Juneteenth, especially when there are more black men incarcerated than were enslaved back then. Just saying. [GOOD] Diane Ravitch’s latest target is Michael Bloomberg, […]

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Short Notes: What Fathers Watch

June 16, 2013 Short Notes

A few notes: Chris Lehmann wants people to get the difference between authoritative and authoritarian. Here’s a primer. [Practical Theory] John Spencer has five things he never wants to say. Maybe you’ll rethink about the things you say, too. [Education Rethink] Jeb Bush thinks immigration is a good idea … because immigrants are “more fertile.” […]

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