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In these posts, I share some of the pieces I’ve read from around the web. Some of them are blogs from colleagues and others come from major publications … and everyone in between.

Short Notes: A Cautionary Tale for Edubloggers

June 9, 2013 Short Notes
Arundhati Roy

A few notes: The New York Daily News wants you to nominate teachers for their Hometown Heroes award. Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen. [NY Daily News] If you’re sick of the “disruption” talk surrounding technology, specifically education, then read this paper by Audrey Watters. Another hit. [Hack Education] Peter DeWitt writes an interview, and […]

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Short Notes: Disempowerment Is A Cooperative Act

April 28, 2013 Short Notes
Sabrina Stevens at TEDxNYED, Brooklyn Tech

A few things: The Atlantic’s John Tierney joins in the chorus of the annoyed in this essay about the Atlanta / Washington DC cheating scandals and its ramifications for education reform. [The Atlantic] Michael Doyle makes a clear argument for the village raising the child. [BHS Doyle] Florida’s investigating K-12 Inc. Hate to use the […]

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Short Notes: Pearson Makes Money, Whether You Like It Or Not

April 21, 2013 Short Notes

A few notes: William J. Reese lets the world know that none of this testing business is new. Good read. [New York Times] Pearson apologized for errors on the gifted and talented test. They get a stern warning, and get to sit in the corner for millions of dollars. (Commentary mine.) [GothamSchools] I was asked […]

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Short Notes: Y’All Gone Learn Today [Open Letter]

April 14, 2013 Short Notes
Jay-Z Smoking, Possibly a Cuban

Last week, I wrote an open letter to educators in general, but specifically education activists, vested parties, and anyone interested in the workings of this circle. While the letter was met with plenty of praise, it had a few detractors, primarily from those who misunderstood the intent of the letter. After a close reading and […]

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Short Notes: On The Backs of Black and Brown Children

April 7, 2013 Short Notes

A few notes: Sherman Dorn highlights some misconceptions about the Common Core State Standards. [Sherman Dorn] Rania Khalel says public education reform is being done on the backs of Black and Brown children. I tend to agree. [Dispatches from the Underclass] William Hood’s story about Dr. Martin Luther King gave me the jitters. [New York […]

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Short Notes: What Is The Political Future for Teachers?

March 17, 2013 Short Notes
The Rock Says, "Do You Like Pi?"

A few notes: How are the Common Core math standards helping or hurting our most disadvantaged students? Anthony Rebora asks a few teachers … including me. [Education Week] Arthur Wise and Michael Usdan take a look at the landscape of teaching and politics from a bird’s eye view. [Education Week] And this article says that […]

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