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Short Notes: Now Batting, The Educator, #3, Jose Vilson, #3

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A few notes: John Holland is swimming in the reality of teacher leadership. A must read. [Future of Teaching] Chris Lehmann’s tired of us working from a deficit model when it comes to schools. “How do we fix broken schools?” is less of a question and more of a meme. I’ll let him explain. [Practical Theory] Money can’t buy you happiness, case #8098234. [Yahoo!] Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer …

Short Notes: The Definition of “School” Is a Toss-Up

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A few notes: Sherman Dorn schools fools on the idea of “school.” Particularly, he muses on the idea of educational institutions as a reflection of social inequity. Just. Read. [Sherman Dorn] For the computer science geeks out there, an infographic on the history of programming. This is absolutely smashing. [Smashing Magazine] Amber loves telling this story. I love the way she tells it. Much better than I would have. [Amber …

Short Notes: I’m Not Watching Avatar The Last Airbender, Either!

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A few notes: If you haven’t heard, Teacher Magazine / EdWeek published my first article last week! Comment there and show a brotha love! [EdWeek] I haven’t watched Avatar with the blue people, and I’m not watching the real Avatar: The Last Airbender, either. I highlighted this post before, but it’s worth reading now. [Racialicious] Klein said enrollment into summer school will double. And it’s like no big deal. [NY1] …

Short Notes: This or That, This or That

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A few notes: I wrote a great post about the difference between professionalism and integrity at the Future Teacher Leaders blog! Check it here. [TLN] Susan Ohanian discusses the Billionaire Boys’ Club of education … and compares it to a similar collective in the time of Vietnam. Great read. [Susan Ohanian] Rick Reilly ponders who’s the greatest Laker of them all. I believe it’s Magic Johnson, too. For now. [ESPN] …

Short Notes: Rebel, Rebel, How Could They Know?

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A few notes: Renee Moore is a rebel with a cause. She’ll teach her kids whether third party vendors like it or not. Right up our alley, right? [TeachMoore] If you only know the 1/2 of what the BP oil disaster means in the grand scheme of things, you’re about to know more than that. [The Tonka Report] Planning to boycott Arizona business? Well you’re in good company. Check the …

Short Notes: Week of April 11, 2010

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A few notes: Matt Taibbi breaks David Brooks’ elitist column down with a passion of … a blogger. Read his latest about Brooks’ assertions that rich people work harder. [True / Slant] Constance McMillen, a teen who wasn’t allowed to go to her prom because she wanted to bring her female date, had to attend a fake prom while the rest of the school went to another venue. And that’s …

Short Notes: Week of April 4th, 2010

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A few notes: For those interested in Nicholas Feltron and tracking their whole life over the course of a year, I present this. [Daytum] I said this in my previous post, but maybe we do need to think more like children. [ScienceBlogs] Every Child Left Behind part 1238091834: Florida Senate approves an awesome bill supporting performance pay based on tests. And by awesome, I mean horrible. [The Answer Sheet / …

Angels' Torii Hunter Screams at Umpire

Short Notes: Whereupon We Speak Our Truths and the Issue of Torii Hunter

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A few notes: A great example of what happens when we try to control every little part of a staff’s speech in order to make them sound like they’re “normal.” [Vocalo] Google buys into Pi Day. [Mashable] An ed-techy’s case for pedagogy … in tech. [Box of Tricks] You ever wonder what Twitter would be like if someone drew out everything some random celebrity said, spelling mistakes and all? Wonder …

TEDxNYED, Apples

Short Notes: 14 Things I Learned from #TEDxNYED 2010

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This past Saturday, I had the fortune of attending the TEDxNYED conference, an independently run conference based on the TED conferences where they speak on an idea for a good 18-20 minutes about whatever topic they like. While some critics have come out in full force against the latest TED conference, wondering whether these events actually promote ideas for others or if they’re invite-only silos for information, people like me enjoyed …