Decimas For The Poet In You

Jose Vilson Jose

Shut Up and Put Up

Shut Up and Put Up

These poems were birthed from a poetry workshop Tara Betts did as the featured facilitator for the Acentos group. Some of the poems I’ve been sharing over the last couple of weeks have come from that workshop. These are obviously all drafts, but check the rhyme anyways:

The first is dedicated to people who won’t shut up.

“Shut Up, In Decima”

Just shut up for a quick second
Let the sound of someone come clear
Silence, replace fear from the ear
Let go of the shame you beckoned
When you spoke so unclear, I reckoned
You sounded like lines rehearsed
What if the roles were reversed?
You too might question your untruths
Ill sense of humor, more like spoof
Witchcraft like spells, but made me curse.

This second is dedicated to these guys.

“You’re a Black Star” (The one I read aloud)

Everyday I wake up inspired
Every night I sleep, challenge stars
Write bright till my graphite’s like fire
Heat from the tips, songs from a choir
Make movies from the way I light these bars
So furious when I get on stage
Don’t want just applause, but remark
Not just a footnote, front page
Etymology for dummies, stark
Lyrics and a DJ, rhyme and rage