Dissociative Identity Disorder Has Its Perks

Jose Vilson Jose

On Tuesday, my 2 personalities came out simultaneously and exploded on my blog. No, this isn’t an apology. Far from it. It’s an admittance that either a) I have problems or b) I have a lot of unresolved conflicts with education. Either I’m going to be a teacher / educator for life or I’m going to become a principal or a policy writer at some point. Either I love summer vacations or I’m going to use them to prepare myself for the upcoming school year more thoroughly. And this education thing isn’t the difference between choosing sprinkles on my ice cream or not; it’s a serious life choice.

Last night, for example, I went to a grant planning meeting somewhere in Brooklyn. As I’m sitting there, I’m already thinking about my “imaginary” school, and listening to the voices of the many I’ve studied. Almost everyone in the room was a principal, and thus, well-suited and at least a decade older than me. Yet, it was almost second nature. I definitely felt like I belonged. Weird.

Jose, who’s still working the kinks out …