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What’s been up with my writing lately, you ask?

Crazy, mi gente. Crazy. I haven’t guest-posted on anyone’s site just yet (though I’m open to the idea), and I haven’t had a huge link from a big blog in a while, but certainly things are on the up and up. I already started looking into finishing my own book (finally), and got an offer to appear in another book (sweet), not to mention that I’m making a couple of handbooks for a prominent organization which I’m an active member of (see sidebar) as well as my job (and they’re going to need first aid after this one.) I’m also still designing the

All this energy I’m putting into these special projects has left a lot of stanzas scrolling through my mind, few of which have made it into a Word document or my MySpace. I’m pushing to get that next poem out, but I realize that, the more I write, the less I’m able to just “force” it out. With my poems especially, I need to feel a certain type of way. I need to feel angry, depressed, in love, determined, excited, the other excited, strong, weak … anything, but not this … poetic indifference. And something brilliant will come up as I’m walking to take the train, but I know it’s not a strong enough idea because I don’t write it anywhere.

Then again, maybe it’s because all my words are focused in these projects. Maybe it’s because my strongest evangelists don’t want to see me come weak on anything I write or I might as well “hang up the pen.” (Then again, some of them would prefer I not retire this blog.) Maybe it’s because every one of you who read from all over the world (no, really) encourage me through your e-mails, comments, and searches to read me every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Maybe it’s that little “Thank you” whenever someone likes something I wrote.

What keeps you writing? I know some of you practically blog every day. Others only write a couple of times a week. Others of you only show up once a month, but will write glorious pieces when you come back.

TALK TO ME, people!

Also, I got a special project for you all to get involved in with me, so tune in, and keep the comments coming …

jose, who will dedicate his blog to a legend soon …

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  1. in short…. being a writer keeps me writing. as you may notice, i don’t carry a huge following of commenters like soooome people (wink, wink, nudge, nudge – *giggle*), so my writing is not determined by feedback. i write simply because it is who i am and because there is never a moment in life when i don’t feel like i have some thing to say… be it a personally based entry, a story, a poem, or just my random opinion. maybe one day my writing will materialize into some thing lucrative, and i’ll get back to pushing my books and what not. but for write now, i write because i love it and i “don’t know” how to do anything else. not to write is akin to death for me. plain and simple.

  2. This is an engaging question, what keeps you writing, for me, as sentimental as it sounds, I love to write and blog simply because I want to be challenged by others. I think novelists like Zadie Smith as great as she is come across like they want to be a guide to the reader into their secret worlds that they have created. The great thing about blogging is you can be challenged and learn new things about the topic that you have decided to write about in a post. My motivation for posting almost every other day or in some cases, every two days is I just cannot imagine not blogging.

    It has changed my life, not in a monetary sense like those monarchy blogs that are swimming in mint but in that, I see things are people differently.

    Life is not just Bristol, England. Life is everywhere. Blogging has showed me that.

  3. intriguing, jose…as always ;)

    what keeps me writing? hmmm…I’ve been writing less online lately – probably from writing a bit more for other reasons. But I generally write when something – some idea, thought, essence – nicks at my heart enough to make my own ideas, thoughts, dare I say essence need to be declared. And usually those ideas that touch my core have to do with teaching kids – there is so much to be passionate about in teaching. There is so much passion in teaching.
    ok. Got to admit. Today was my last teaching day of 07/08 and I may have had a cold one or 2 after work. one or 2.
    But really, there is so much to be passionate about in teaching and that is what keeps me writing.

  4. What keeps me writing? I have to write to think! Some people think aloud, but I think on paper. (That explains why I don’t do so well in interviews! If I could WRITE the interview questions, I’d do just fine!)

    I write to live. I suppose I’m obsessed with life, because not a single day goes by that I don’t write. Not a single day.

    I am a writer.

  5. What keeps me writing? Good question…
    The reason why I continue to maintain Nuvision, even though I am completely tired of it, is so that I can offer the blogosphere a blog that offers a perspective that is uncommon/unique, especially in the black blog world. (Or as we like to call it, the Afrosphere…)
    Not to many black folks with disabilities are blogging, or even out in the community interacting with others… So, I blog to provide information, to inspire, to change the perspectives of individuals that would otherwise never have the opportunity to be challenged by a woman with a disability.
    But to be quite honest, I’m thinking about letting my blog go. I see it as a task, a chore, a responsibility. And right now, while I’m under so much stress and have so many other responsibilities, I don’t want that added commitment.
    It would be different if I was the kind of chick that liked to write to destress.
    The truth is that I write for a purpose. For money or to change the world… That’s why I’ve never considered myself a “true” writer.
    My friend, who blogs over at, has really been pushing me to keep Nuvision going. We’ll see…
    I’m going to make a decision on my birhtday if I’m going to keep going for another year. July 12th… But whatever I do, I will not take the blog down.
    If I stop blogging, I won’t stop writing though. I’ll start working on my book.
    Peace to you, brotha.,

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