Don’t Act Like I Never Told Ya

Jose Vilson Jose

I’m back to NYC, and I love it. Cloudy day and all.

During the 16 days of absence from this side of the country, I came up with a million and one questions, most of which are rather rhetorical since I ended up finding the answer to them. I’m always in constant reflection mood, and while it’s a rather emotional process, it’s something I’d never trade in.

Am I really who I say I am? Who is the real focus point on which this world revolves? Where does all this rotation lead? Why does being in a different country affect how the sun treats my skin? Who should I allow to affect my person? Do children merely make premature judgements about people they see or are they lucid observations unfiltered by what we call maturity? Am I really that different from four years ago? Who is following and who is leading? Will the seemingly positive changes I’m making for my life introduce negatives that I’m not ready for?

Shoo, while I’m at it, let me ask more direct questions:

Will my endorsement of Barack Obama mean I stand at odds with my shall I say radical stances on politics or will this just mean I need to make some revisions in what I believe? For that matter, can I honestly say I’m all that liberal when I’m a New York Yankees fan or can I separate my fondness for them and their enterprise from my semi-socialist beliefs? Is Twitter one step closer to freedom or … ? Is putting my cell phone in my pocket really destroying my seeds? Did Jesse Jackson, Mr. “I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To”, really say what he said? Do we always get the full picture when CNN or other major news sources tell us they do?

Am I really ready to make the changes I prescribed during that long trip to Dominican Republic? I sure hope so. I’m posting it on my wall today. I’m feeling extra motivated, and I got a lot of blogs to post.

Don’t act like I never told ya …

jose, who needs to seriously clean his Patrick Ewing Dream Team jersey …