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Last night, my girl and I saw 88 Minutes, which I found to be a good enough movie to keep my attention. While watching the previews, I noticed a very environmental theme (that they almost literally shoved in our faces). There was talk about carbon footprints, recycling, and all the other buzzwords associated with environment-friendly groups. My overall feeling with that kind of advertisement is that, despite how eco-friendly these corporations want to look, the truth is that these entities don’t care so much for how the Earth is treated except when it behooves them to do so.

For example, someone on the big screen said that we should pressure our government officials to find alternative sources of energy, but I can without a shadow of a doubt say that these resources have been available since the 90s, if not earlier. As a matter of fact, I believe the first solar cells were made in 1883, and since then, we’ve had the ability to harness the sun’s energy and thus reduce the carbon output for some time. Yet, the sun is not a resource that can be easily monopolized or conquered. Thus, not many people have really invested in its power except for their own institution. Then again, if they’re able to sell us back tap water for $1.25, then there’s no telling how they’ll sell us back our natural resources.

I’m not going so far as to say that corporations shouldn’t help raise the social consciousness of people all around them, and maybe take heed of the current trends within society, but knowing everything I know about these companies, the wasted products, the tons of layoffs, the outsourcing and near-slave wages, and the ridiculous profit margins while the rest of us suffer from the increased cost of living, I just can’t see corporations as “eco-friendly” no matter how hard I try.

Thoughts? Solutions? Throw them in the box …

jose, who’s off to his first poetry event (that I’m not performing in) in over 6 months or so …

p.s. – a poem …

spiders creep in, surely and steadily spinning their webs of doubt across the mobile units trying to devour them slowly, creeping and spinning while we try to decipher the intricate patterns set around and across us, the spider spins with more legs, quicker, stickier, and stronger becomes that web, tick tap tick tap tick tap, let the hypnosis ring in your ear until all traces of your existence surround you, envelop you, and the king spider places his piece in for the checkmate … be ready to counter spider, spin your own web, before your role goes from predator to prey …

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  1. i do my part for the environment by eating from my hand as much as possible.

    saves on napkins

    and makes me look like a rough-neck


    i kid. i kid.


  2. I hear the cornstarch cups are the way to go. I think if we can get cornstarch to replace plastic for a lot of purposes, we can get some of the corn out of our diets–where it’s driving the diabetes epidemic–and get rid of the plastic at the same time…

    But you’re right, companies will not act until you sue or the market forces them to, which is always too late.

  3. Jose,

    I like your style. Where do you do your poetry? Ever been to a slam at the Nuyerican Poets Cafe?

    Eco-friendly corporations? I’m pretty sure that the whole eco-friendly movement crowd is a corporation itself. I was suspicious of eco-awareness people ever since they told me that buying a frigging t-shirt and bumper sticker would help save the rainforrest. That was Lolapalooza 1992 – it’s now sixteen years later and they have sold how many shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, pins, and more?

    Keep writing. Good stuff.

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