Five Blogs You Need To Have In Your Feed Right Now 2010

Jose Vilson Jose

Me Thinking

While working on the “magazine,” I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs from around the blogosphere. While not all of them are education-related, all of them belong somewhere within your regular reading / watching material. I was also going to title this “Five Blogs To Read That Aren’t NYC Educator” simply because I give deference to people like him, JD2718, and Norm’s Notes as people who influenced my blogging in big ways. Here’s my list. You’ll love it.

Nancy Flanagan’s Teacher In A Strange Land

Nancy’s blog always goes for the neck in ways that I’ve only seen Salt and Jason Statham in The Expendables do this summer. She does a clean, intelligent, and intricate job on the current forces leading this country’s educational system downwards. She’s fearless in her candor, and timely with her posts. Check it out.

Danyel Smith’s The Smithian

I failed to mention yesterday that a big inspiration for me to get a Tumblr came from Smith’s Tumblr. I didn’t consider it much before until I saw the power in collecting the random, the informative, and the obscure in one space. She posts frequently, and the posts are often worth discussing.

Fred Klonsky’s PREA Prez

He’s got this wit and spark about him that you’d vote him for president yourself. Fred’s posts have that great union lean, but more importantly, a focus on the politics surrounding an educational issue. He’s also humble about his craft and willing to cull some of the best information out there so he doesn’t have to reiterate it for you. Love this blog.

Jeff Pearlman’s Self-Titled Blog

I’m not one to fawn over his favorite writers like this, but Jeff Pearlman’s a guy that won’t get an ego about it. He’s a sports writer who’s got a great catalog to date, but he’s also a blog writer who cares deeply about the things surrounding the sports he loves so much. He writes with a passion that puts him in the echelon of writers I’ve mentioned above, and I rarely see that.

EducationCEO’s Self-Titled Blog

She’s guest-written for this blog before, but it’s worth noting again just how great her blog is. Not everyone agrees with all her positions (I know we’ve had some rather lively discussions), but it’s all to the good. She doesn’t mince words about anything and she comes completely jargon-free! No pretense, no act. Just lucid writing.

That’s my hand. What do you all have?

Jose, who loves sharing and sharing alike …