For Reasons Beyond Me

Jose Vilson Jose

“For Reasons Beyond Me” by me (first, and a very rough, draft)

You’re not in my dreams anymore,
Self-felicitating figment of  my imagination,
Meet me at my torso
Talk to me real slow
Partition the convo like so
Tell me all your perfect flaws
Before we take a little pause
Work on in this little buzz
Drink up quick because
The cosmopolitan in you had to leave so quick

You’re not that far from me
Skin-tracing muse of many renderings
See me for the temporary
Ask for me the unnecessary
Our chemistry incendiary
Our night follows like this
That intimacy we missed
Take advantage of the kiss
Let your passions insist
The blue moon won’t stay out too long

You’re not worthy of the hurt
Self-healing woman of another’s embrace
Salute me with no byes
Exude your familiar highs
While to each other our whys lived lies
It was a myriad of expressions
Limited to alcohol-tinted lusty confessions
A little release to cut apart the tensions
Nothing more than an innocent and ephemeral digression
The rum and coke left me too readily

You deserved a chance at love
And a man who could consecrate all of the above …

Jose, who just made up this form …