For She (The Poem)

Jose Vilson

Today, I performed for my kids and they didn’t believe I wrote this myself. Surprise, surprise.

Some of you know me from other incarnations on the Internet. Today, I’m writing on a theme I’ve written before. Just check it.

“For She” © 2007 Jose Vilson

Her spells lay me captive
Her silhouette triggers memories
Of the places in my mind she touched
When she inserted her finger
Through my ears and softly scrapped my lobs
As if she was testing them before
She laid her tongue on it
Outlining my more masculine features
And complementing them with her own femininity
I was already spellbound by her intelligence
She made words I mastered seem brand new
Her deepest seduction came from when she never spoke of it
The activity we could sense between us
The thoughts I already had as she pressed her upper body To my own I tried resistance
But in time, even winter has to give way to summer’s irresistible heat
And ‘twas the season in my more secret areas
She’s now the image I remembered having back when I first thought of having a girl lie on my lap and tease me so
She’s now the goddess so many dreamers and rhapsodists dedicated their sonnets to
She’s now unbuttoning the top of the collar
I thought was too safely locked to begin with
She’s now reaching into another echelon of heaven
And she’s now climbing down my body
But she’s now reaching into my soul
Making peace with the major G_ds
My mind is unclear and totally in lock with hers
Our liquid forms become one through osmosis
Our synergy is focused
But something’s amiss
For such a woman has yet to exist …