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Hoe-Zetta? Really?!Just a little commentary if I may:

The original purpose for the website “Hot Ghetto Mess” was to highlight the missteps of the Black community through pictures and other media. She felt that by making said website, she would show more conclusively how much of a “mess” so many of our Black brethren are. It was a call to those who were in the pictures and those who were on parallel paths to improve themselves and stop their persistent foolishness in light of the constant struggles our underrepresented communities face.

With all that said, the petition going around to stop “Hot Ghetto Mess” bothers me for two specific reasons.

1) Why are we wasting our time with a petition to shut off a TV show like “Hot Ghetto Mess” when we didn’t stop more than 1/2 the programming shown on BET, most of which has been degrading and unintelligible? I can’t even watch BET anymore and haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of BET in years.

2) Furthermore and concurrently, isn’t it interesting how a show that’s supposed to highlight the missteps of the Black community is being praised by those who it’s supposed to “awake”? With its premiere on BET, that irony is only lending itself to more appraisal by said population.

Of course, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but on the real, we have “gots to do better.” HA!

Ms. Whatsit tagged me 4 this one.

Four jobs I’ve had
Movie Concessionist
Data Entry Clerk
Student Dorm Security

Four movies I can watch over and over
X-Men 2
Shrek 2
Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Four places I’ve lived
New York, NY
Syracuse, NY
(in my imagination) All over the world
In my mom’s womb

Four TV shows I love
Pardon the Interruption
New York Yankees vs. ______
The Daily Show with John Stewart

Four places I’ve vacationed
Washington, DC
Sacramento and San Francisco, CA
Santo Domingo, DR
Chicago, IL

Four of my favorite dishes
Arroz blanco con habichuelas y carne (That’s rice, beans, and meat for my non-Spanish speakers)
fresh guacamole (amen)
shrimp pad thai
house special fried rice

Four sites I visit daily
MySpace (inquire within for my URL)
Facebook (same)

Four places I would rather be right now
(frankly, nowhere but NYC, but …)
San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Yankee Stadium, NYC, NY
Washington, DC

Four People I am tagging

It’s the first time in a while I’ve done one of these things. Thanks Ms. Whatsit. Peace …

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  1. ya know, i happened on the HGM forum a couple years back and couldn’t stomach it. although i understood the premise… we still “gots to do better” than that sort of carrying on.

    and to think, the n-word was buried not even a week ago. HA!

    i would be mad i didn’t get tagged but… it probably would have been days before i got around to it anyway. *lol*

  2. You’re right re: BET. I call it, “Black Minstrel Entertainment Television”. That being said, UPN was much the same, and I am not shedding a tear to have seen the dimise of that network. It was a junior edition of BET.

    I respectfully disagree, Jose, re: the petition being a waste of time. As one who signed the petition, perhaps the impetus galvanizing around HGM will cause BET to raise an eyebrow. Who knows?

  3. Post

    I’ll give you that, but then why didn’t we write a petition about the other minstrel shows we’ve seen on there? or on UPN? Or anywhere else? Why have we “had enough” at this juncture when we could have said something when this nonsense started? It was just a thought …

  4. I haven’t watched BET in a minute (mainly because I don’t have cable anymore!) but I definitely don’t miss it for the reasons you mention… and I highly question the creator of HGM’s stated purpose for creating the site and now, the show. A “call for improvement” my behind…

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