Hot Town, Summer in the City

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lennon-john-new-york-city-9960024.jpgThe latest weather in NYC makes me pose one question:

“What the f*** is this?!”

On one end of the week, I was in New Orleans, where it was hot for the most part, but soon turned to blistering when the humidity almost made my traveling partner and I collapse in our margaritas. On the other, NYC has these cold thunderstorms that make me wonder if we’re really in August or October. I never thought I’d see people wearing jackets in August on this steam pot of an island, but there it was.

Before you ask, no I’m not going to the Dominican Parade (NYC). Why would I?

The Bourne Ultimatum was hot. That’s fine if you have a different opinion, but I’m not hearing it out. Matt Damon had about 20 lines throughout the movie, and that’s all he needed. Action-packed and had the paranoia I just love, too. Plus, the ending literally made my jaw drop. Good show, good show.

For any new NYCDOE teachers (or anyone that knows new NYC teachers), I’ll definitely be attending the New Teachers reception at the Bodies exhibit sponsored by the UFT. For those that don’t know about it, it’s on August 21st @ 6 pm, South Street Seaport. Check out the flyer here and register here. I’m not anti-union; I just have a few issues with how things are being handled. No, this wasn’t sponsored by the UFT.
Speaking of which, I’m not as enthused about going back to school as I thought I was. Right now, I’m coming to the realization that I need to go back to being “Mr. V” so I’m preparing myself mentally for that re-transition. My focus over the last couple of days is team building, and learning how to make my homeroom into a more cohesive family. Unfortunately, last year, we had a few viruses in the class, and it spread like a cancer.

Songs I’m Listening To: (My older subscribers remember this section from my former blog.)

“Hot Summer in the City” by The Lovin’ Spoonfuls
“Black Magic Woman” by Santana
“Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles
“Fu-Gee-La” by The Fugees
“The Way I Are” by Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.
“Break My Heart” by Common
“Leave Out All The Rest” by Linkin Park
“El Cantante” by Hector Lavoe

jose, who’ll do a rebellion post very soon …

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  1. “The Bourne Ultimatum was hot. ”

    You can’t be serious. It was a 2 hour long chase scene with no plot development what so ever. Even worse the ending was easily predicted.

    Yes it did have action, but what good is the action when our hero is fighting vilians who are dumber then a brick?

    I stand by my 5/10 review on the movie.

  2. Post

    I wasn’t sure if the Academy was going to show up to my blog or not.

    The reason why it was so great was BECAUSE it was a 2 hour chase scene! When it comes to summer movies, no one cares too much about plots; they’re more interested in the “wam-bam-thank-you-mam” and that they did extraordinarily well. There are a few exceptions, but really, we know what are looking for in an action movie.

    You can stand by your 5/10 review on the movie … somewhere far from where my review is ;-)

  3. I enjoyed The Bourne Ultimatum too despite the fact that I usually get bored with action flicks. Who cares that Matt Daemon should have died goodness knows how many times? It helps that I read the books, oh, almost 20 years ago. I don’t know why it took so long to come out with the movies, but in retrospect, I can’t imagine a more sympathetic death machine that MD.

    I want to hear more about New Orleans, rebel or no rebel . . .

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