How Much Superman Knows About Pedagogy

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

Waiting for Superman

Pardon my snark, but what does Superman really know about pedagogy? Really, I’m not sure why Davis Guggenheim, John Legend, Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee, or anyone else think this superhero should be the face of education reform when a) he probably wants nothing to do with this mess b) kids aren’t asking to be “saved” for an episode c) Lex Luther has more in common with the aforementioned club than Superman does in regards to educational policy, and d) he’s fictional, much like the reform these guys promise. For that matter, I don’t see Superman ever teaching other kids how to be Supermen and women in their own right to empower their communities so he doesn’t have to run around like a madman wondering where the next disaster might occur. Plus, I’m pretty sure Superman is equal parts community non-profit organization as much as superhero, i.e. I’m pretty sure he makes his money off the public good. That side-job at the paper doesn’t make ends meet.

Plus, I can’t imagine that teacher prep colleges work towards building Superman from all of us. Superman is a one-dimensional demigod whereas teachers are required to be multi-dimensional humans. Teachers are people who don’t get celebrated in the public, but in private quarters, in pair-like conversations, and places where the public has enough compassion to remember that teacher.

Then again, I’m an alien, and I got a school to leap in a single bound tomorrow.

Jose, who finds this top-heavy conversation without any teachers, parents, or kids really bizarro …