I Am the Eggman

Jose Vilson

johnlennon Let me preface this by saying that anything I write here might actually have to do with my thoughts on myself. That may seem like a wild idea in this day and age, with many blogs opting instead to write about others’ lives, but I fully intend to make this blog and all the subsequent ones about what I think.

Little known fact: John Lennon wrote “I Am the Walrus” to confuse the hell out of an old English teacher from his alma mater, one he was not so proud of. He heard they were analyzing his lyrics, so he made a song that ensured they would stop using Beatles’ music for literary fodder.

The side effect of making this song, however, was just the reverse: the more confusing and strange the song was, the more people kept trying to determine some meaning from it. (The song itself also had great music behind the lyrics, so honestly, he could have written gibberish and it still would have been awesome.) Furthermore, no one can truly say it was absolute rubbish despite the aforementioned purpose.

In the same way, I often see my verbal and written expressions has been very “goo goo goo joob.” I’m certainly not the poet John Lennon was (or is, depending on your views). For as long as I can remember, I hadn’t always done well with speeches, or any mode of spoken communication for that matter. My frustrations often led me to become a better writer, and in particular a poet. I often felt that my written word made everything I spoke of clear, at least to the average English speaker.

Sometimes I’ll just write things that only make sense to me, and other times I’ll write something that everyone can understand. However, I do my best to not write crap. not write crap. My poems actually deliver the message I try to convey 90% of the time, and the other 10% might be by design.

A little writing:Wake up, man
The day started almost as quickly as it left
You and that green bag of writing utensils for
Boards, papers, and homework
A grading book, and lunch
For when those kids famish you
And your higher-ups bring you low
Just hold strong, good sir
Once you pass over the equations
Take a left on transformations
Go straight onto factorization of binomials
You’ll arrive at a spot that makes or breaks everyone in this profession
Cross it when you’re ready
Alas, your arrival came as the bell sounded at 220pm
Everyone look; he’s a teacher nowjose, because my signature doesn’t change, no matter the forum …