I Need Your Full Cooperation and Total Attention

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

Def Squad

Def Squad

Just a few things I’d like to mention.

I came into my classroom ready to breeze through the last few standards before the NYS Math Test (probability, permutations, and the like). I came in with a vengeance, remembering the things I needed to cover before those two dreaded words:

Test. Prep.

I’m officially nervous about the NYS Math Test 9 school days from now. I don’t think my kids are in many ways prepared to excel on that test. Today, I went to other classes to see how they did test prep, and found some really good and solid ideas for how to do test prep. I suppose I should share them here, but I’d rather not until I figure it all out.

Anyone have any ideas for making test prep informative without making it boring? I’m really trying to make it worthwhile for both of us (us being the teacher and students). Help if you know how.

Jose, who just needs this week to be over.