I Was Never An Empty Cup (Consumer Beware)

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Coffee Cup

Another poem inspired by that crazy Acentos workshop last Sunday I keep talking about. Comment as you please.

I was never an empty cup.
I was never a lifelong experience before.
I was never a sniffle, a sneeze, or a trifle.
I was never a drip, a snip, or a clip.
I was never a tumbleweed
Bouncing through indicating dearth of life.
I was never a fine.
I was never a small claim.
Though I’ve definitely been a warning.
I was never a small shoelace
I was never a thread
I was never a strap
I was never a minute hand
My experiences move at hours at a time.
I was never a blink
I was never a simple character.
I was never a small dosage.
I was never a simple sheet of looseleaf
Gliding in the wind wrought with nonsensical words and illustrations
I was never the simple piece of the puzzle
I was never a simple strand of hair
I was never the rubble, the scraps, the leftovers frozen
Readily reheated for easy consumption
I was never stardust
I was never just one digit
I was never just one stroke
I was never worth just one touch
I was never satisfied with just one kiss
I was never an easily disassembled package
I was never a note
I was never an alien
(Just kidding, I was never above a little white lie)
I was never an empty cup
Even as you drink, the cup fills until my handle whittles;
Its remnants aside the coffee grinds …

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José Luis Vilson is a math educator, blogger, speaker, and activist. For more of my writing, buy my book This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education, on sale now.

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  1. I love this….there are many favorite pieces in this puzzle of a poem that add up to something undeniably good. Will have to track back and read about this workshop.

  2. Hey Jose,
    I hope I twist your brain in good ways. I had an idea too. Maybe we can make it happen this summer. Talk to you at the workshop.

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