In A Frederick Douglass State Of Mind [Long Live The 4th]

Jose Vilson Jose

Who can blame people for feeling unpatriotic on a day like today? A not-so-subtle reminder of their second-class citizenship. As our brothers and sisters of all colors kill others for the aristocrats’ personal and monetary interests, they come back to a country that still minimizes their dedication to ornamental celebrations as their families suffer under the burden of this empire’s progress. What do we consider true independence when, if all things are equal, the disparities between every human’s right to access our most fundamental public rights to food, shelter, and education, can either be underfunded, under-enforced, or unconstitutional based on any three branches of this liberated country’s government? Where is the boundary for liberty set? If we are truly free, then the laws would be applies justly, taxes would work fairly, and living conditions would provide an equitable environment for all.

Currently, they’re not.

We may dine with you using the same charcoal-grilled meats, light similar fireworks, and wear the same colors, but when the smoke clears from the incandescent sky, the ashes left still remind 3/5ths of us that before there was red, white, and blue, there was red, black, and blue. Long live the 4th.

Jose, who understands what it means for me to write this …