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Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, Moonwalking in "Jam"

Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, Moonwalking in "Jam"

It ain’t too much for me to jam.

I have to find my peace ‘cuz
No one seems to let me be
False prophets cry of doom
What are the possibilities
I told my brother
There’ll be problems,
Times and tears for fears,
We must live each day
Like it’s the last

Go with it
Go with it

Michael Jackson, “Jam”

Someone recently asked me about how I do what I do. I was a little confused, but she went to go in depth into the many projects and initiatives I’m involved in (including the ones I didn’t really get into with her). It gave me a little pause and made me re-assess this fun idea of purpose, because at the end of the day, we need to revisit whatever purpose we have with whatever we do in order to make sure we’re still interested in that same purpose (or if we need to change that).

For instance, just a few minutes ago, someone forwarded me this article about a bunch of high-schoolers who were wrongly arrested by the NYPD, this after Prof. Henry Louis Gates getting arrested a few weeks ago, and people questioning whether President Obama was really born in the United States (the so-called “birthers”). With these and the plethora of turbulent issues, it’s not that hard for me to get involved. If we ever find ourselves in a position where we can use our talents and gifts effectively as a means for uplift, whether it’s organizing, writing, preaching, singing, networking, or any combination of the aforementioned, then use them.

We as humans use the term potential for people we think have a lot more to offer than they currently exert. If we look at the physics version of potential, then we’re fully recognizing the ability of someone else in that energy, and their potential to be kinetic. How much kinetic energy is really differentiates people who we consider great and those who we thought left too soon or were wastes of spaces. Much of our value system is based on how much, in physics terms, the person used every part of their energies to devote themselves to some cause (whether positive or negative).

So whether it’s political, social, religious, or anything of the nature that inspires you do to do what you do, do it. Love what you do, even if you’re not sure it’s going to work, so long as you do it with the best of intentions. Get angry and pissed at an issue all you want, so long as you’re working in some form to eradicate said injustice. I’m not saying we shouldn’t take a breather, too. Vacations are necessary (even for those of us who haven’t really had one).

Yet, always look at the potential you have, take a hard look at yourself and say, “Can I make that kinetic?” Right now, even with the various exits in this highway of life I’m on, I find myself in the best position possible to help stir the pot, create discussion, and influence colleagues even when dissenters consider my movements a lot more shallow than they need be.

It ain’t too much for me to jam.

Confusions contradict
The self
Do we know right
From wrong
I just want you to
Recognize me
In the temple
You can’t hurt me
I found peace
Within myself …

Jose, who’s so inspired …

p.s. – Shout out to Electronic Village, one of the best blogs to follow period.