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American Latino TV

American Latino TV

Ladies and gents,

Some of you missed the last time I was on American Latino TV for my interview. Well, if you’re in the 100 or so cities thw show’s available in, you’re in luck: it’s airing again!

The American Latino TV segment on “Jose Vilson: LOL” has been selected to be part of the special episode “Best of Barrier Breakers”, scheduled to air the weekend of July 25th and 26th nationwide (in over 100 cities)! Go to for a list of cities, but be sure to check local listings as well. Please direct anyone to for more information on the show.

Episode Summary:

Airing Weekend of 7/25/097/26/09

Take a look at American Latino barrier breakers with Chicano actor and youth counselor Danny Trejo; one of the only Hispanic coaches in the NFL, Juan Castillo; the Latino blogger creating buzz with self-titled website; get to know former Yerba Buena front woman Cucu Diamantes; and meet the many sides of funny man Paul Rodriguez.

Should you have any questions or comments, give them feedback on how you liked it here.

Otherwise, holla back.

Jose, who really wants to relax next week in Orlando, even if it is for work …