L’Chayim: I Wish For You 100 Years of Success, But It’s My Time

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2007 MeAh yes, a year in review, and how better to end the year than the same way I started it: discussing the things I learned. I’m always reflective, and always seeking new answers to the lessons and questions life teaches me on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Maybe someday I’ll walk in a path that’ll make me at one as I bury 2007. (You might want to sit down for this one.)

A Recap of Some of The Events of My 2007:

In the winter, I rediscovered my love for the Beatles after watching the cover band Strawberry Fields Forever at BB King’s. I had a small lust-crush on Nicole Scherzinger, and just finished reading 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, The Bad Guys Won by Jeff Pearlman, and Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx is Burning: 1977, Baseball, Politics, and the Battle for the Soul of a City, by Jonathan Mahler. My step-grandfather died, and I stopped caring about what everyone else thought about what I did in my classroom and stepped up my leadership.

Ralf Rakim MeIn the spring, my kids took the 8th grade math test and did pretty well in it, Whole Foods on the Lower East Side opened to my utter dismay, I rediscovered Gary Jules’ “Mad World,” YouTube had a channel looking for America’s Next Black Leader (whomp), I went to Detroit for a week to visit some friends here and there, I met Rakim in Syracuse (holla at ya boy …), met some world-famous b-boys from Planet B-Boy (the Tribeca Film Festival movie), and finished up 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In the interim, I also partied a bit, saw almost every #1 or 2 movie of the season, and appeared on Comedy Central as an audience member while Artie Lange dissed me and Al Jackson praised me. My cousin Kevin also became the 4th graduate of the same junior high school and high school in our family.

In the summer, I was feeling Spiderman 3, Linkin Park, Grover Washington, Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness,” and Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Common (Finding Forever), Talib Kweli (Eardrum), Kanye West (Graduation) rocked my iPod with new albums every 2 weeks. I was also into Public Enemy, jury duty (because it ended in 2 days), Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation by Jeff Chang, visitors from Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. Oh yeah, and I was the featured artist for RainTiger.com’s online magazine (August 2K7). Skin loves summer. edit @ 245am: I keep forgetting things I did. I went to New Orleans, too. Lovely.

A-RodIn the fall, I started school again, prayed that A-Rod would become the hero for the New York Yankees’ 2007 championship hopes (not so much), I performed for a good crowd for the first time in a year thanks to Cathy Delaleu, got pissed at the Jena 6 incident, loved Across the Universe the movie and was reintroduced to Salma Hayek (yum), became a full fledged member of the Schomburg Center for Black Research, ruminated on the murder of Jayson Tirado (R.I.P.), watched American Gangster the film and bought the album by Jay-Z, found myself totally peeved at Jimmy’s BBQ on 34th St. Midtown here in NYC, and lamented Kanye West’s mom’s death. Oh yeah, and I went from Penny Harvest novice to Penny Harvest welterweight champion / coach in a matter of months.

In the winter, I found a liking for Led Zeppelin, Soul II Soul, Robbie Williams all over again, went to Atlantic City and shopped like I had serious money, ruminated on Will Smith’s I Am Legend, and had one of the greatest Christmas’ of all time.

As busy as that sounds, it still doesn’t encapsulate the 5 major themes of 2007 for me personally:

Kanye West Graduation5) I changed my blog platform from Xanga to The Jose Vilson, completely and utterly. It might seem insignificant to some, but I built a huge following in that Xanga blog, in the order of 300 or so readers a day and 200 or so random visitors from elsewhere. Eventually, though, I had to let it go, because I was growing into myself. My writing became more sophisticated, and the writing demanded a new, and more grown, platform. I’ve gotten so much love from the blogosphere that there’s no sense in ever going back. I even got nominated for some awards, something I certainly couldn’t have planned. I still visit my old blog for nostalgia, but then I get reminded why I left in the first place. Other minor reasons included the lack of maturity I found in some circles, and the lack of truly insightful blogs there. The ones I still subscribe to there are the last of the dying breed, and I wish them well. The grass is definitely greener here.

Song: “I Wonder” by Kanye West

4) The first kids I ever taught graduated from the 8th grade. I was almost in tears looking at some of my kids grow up. My first homeroom, the one I battled with, the one that threw me a surprise birthday party but a few months later almost made me quit teaching, the one that scarily resembled me as a class, were graduating, along with other students who I also came to enjoy and cherish. While I had already taught an 8th grade class, this was the class I felt most attached to. No matter their shortcomings, I still hold that first homeroom in such high regard. It also gave me a sense of fatherhood: they were my children for better or worse, and they taught me as much as I taught them.

Song: “Nobody Told Me” by John Lennon

Indira and I, CCNY Grads3) I graduated from CCNY, finally. I’m the first member of my family with a masters and that’s something I’m very proud of. The struggles that Indira and I went through for those years in the Fellows program taught us a lot about balancing work, school, and personal schedules. Yet, it’s also the main reason why I’m a proponent of the Fellows program: without it, I’d have a much harder time becoming a teacher, and that’s something I tried to convey to the 2000 or so new Fellows who came to the event in Lincoln Center. The NYCTF provided me with an opportunity of a lifetime, and for that I’m thankful.

Song: “Oh My God” by Jay-Z

2) I got a girlfriend. I kid you not, the faces went from awe and astonishment to dismay and eventually congratulations. While I won’t divulge all the details of the relationship, I will say that I was about as surprised as my friends were and still are. Of course, some people weren’t too pleased about the news, but fuck ’em. I would love to talk about how fuzzy and horny she makes me feel inside, but I’m generally a private person, even if there’ve been hints of this all over my blog. We have some issues to work out on both sides of the equation but she’s great, and I love her. Word.

Song: “Umbrella” by Rihanna

My Father1) On January 24th, I came to the realization that I’m a grown-azz man. Not that I didn’t know that before, when I was already paying bills to my neck, or visiting my younger brother Ralf in Syracuse 3 years after my own graduating. I just felt it. All of a sudden, the first trip to Miami in February became that much easier when I had to visit my then-healthy father. For the first time ever, I felt I had forgiven him for being himself, and if something fatal would happen to him after that, I’d be liberated from my own mental tyranny. When his condition almost proved fatal, I went to Miami again in September and delivered some spirit into his comatose body. He couldn’t even remember me being there when he came to, but it’s OK. As I told my brothers at the time, I didn’t get angry when I found out more about his lecherous ways, his chauvinism and homophobia, or his inability to just hang out with his son, who recently graduated with a masters and paid his own way to his father’s house. When I looked in the mirror, I saw pieces of him. The charm, the charisma, and the easy-going energy that kept even the most pessimistic of us enthralled by him. When I saw him lying at his bed, I immediately caught the resemblance even down to his hands and feet. I already made my peace, so that sense of angst or pain was subdued by a sense of love.

While in Miami that first time, I just cranked up my iPod and all I kept hearing was this song:

bonospecies.jpg And you feel like no-one before
You steal right under my door
And I kneel ’cause I want you some more
I want the lot of what you got
And I want nothing that you’re not

Everywhere you go you shout it
You don’t have to be shy about it …

Song: “Original of the Species” by U2

I wrote out my thoughts and there it was, and soon came to be. G_d speaks to us in mysterious ways …

jose, who will take 10, cube it, multiply it by 2, and add the cube of 2 with a bottle of Korbel …

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  1. the first to comment? you’ve had quite a year, jose. i read your words as if i’ve read you, you know… even though we’re not that close and i’m messing up a half decent manicure to type this comment. i hope to know you better and thank you for documenting your growth so that those of us behind you have a path to look toward for guidance.

    peace and press on nails
    m dot

  2. Well done, Jose. As usual, it was a pleasure reading your blog. I hope you continue to write, as i will continue to read (and possibly write more than rhymes here and there). I don’t wanna be too much of a brown-noser, so all I can say is keep up the good work.

    PS- Good running into you and your mom at Rosarios.

  3. Wow! What a year! I actually sent you a shout out at my spot about this very type thing – your outstanding ability to self-reflect –

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year to come!!!

  4. well it looks like it has been another eventful year.. I am happy to see your relationship working and growing into something more serious.. damn you got to take a picture with rakim.. you and your celebrity sightings. hopefully sometime after the new year we will be able to hang out and catch up.. i haven’t been on that side of the river in a minute. In any event keep keeping on my brother.. piece and blessings.. and i will just ignore that comment you made about my beloved xanga…

  5. Beautiful post. I can totally relate to your description of the relationship with your father. Seeing that others struggle the same way is very comforting, in a way.

    Jose, have wonderful and inspiring 2008!


  6. Oh my days you met RAKIM???! Wow that must’ve been some moment. Awww and so sweet what you wrote about your girl! Sounds like you guys have a great relationship, hope it goes from strength to strength…

    Nice round up of the year Jose, I’m so glad I discovered your blog. You truly are one very, very gifted brother.

    Look forward to reading much more of you in the next 12!

    Much love :-)

  7. Post

    m-dot: Wow, that sounds so triumphant. Thanks for the love, and coming from myspace land to see me.

    Corey: after all these years, Rosario’s still got that dope pizza. And yes, I can’t wait until you further develop your craft.

    Alisha: I noticed that, but I haven’t had a chance to comment. I’m on it.

    pre-k: it was mine before it was yours. you’re the last of a dying breed over there.

    DMB: Thanks for the compliment. I’ll be around your way soon.

    Frum: Do tell.

    Shelly: It was a moment and a 1/2. For the past 2-3 years I’ve been at the point of worship with dude, so it was great to see him.

  8. Jose,

    This is my first time on your site (I found it through Boring Black Chick) and I am blown away. I guess it is good to come in on a recap. Now, I am sort of up to speed. I look forward to reading more in the new year.

  9. Post
  10. Post
  11. Wonderful post looks like you had a full year. Still enjoy reading your blog a lot, and throughly enjoy your comments.
    Happy new year very cool guy, you rock.

  12. happy new year to you too jose. you should drop by my spot more often. ha. don’t be a stranger ;-) here’s to a fantastic new year!

    what’s with the reactions to your being wifed up? lol. it’s like deja vu.

  13. Mr. V. – Happy New Year!!!! Your recap is quite reflective and it sounds as if many wonderful changes and experiences in your life have contributed to your fantastic writing. You are indeed a private person since you did not post a picture of your girl. Interesting.

    Thank you for such a wondeful piece. It is truly inspiring Jose. Thank you for a wonderful year as well.

  14. last year seemed like a positive mixed bag of events. I came to your blog months ago, when you did your post on your ethic/racial identity & have loved the vibe ever since!

    Happy to hear that you have a new boo. Relationships are a trip so keep on working on you to make yall better.

    BTW, next time you hit Detroit contact me!!!


  15. I’ve been blog hiatusing (? – thinking you probably know what I mean…) and am glad the post I came back to was this one.

    2 bits of writing stand out for me:

    -witnessing your first group graduate – that was a powerful moment for me when it happened a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me to think about it more often.


    only good struggles for 08 ;)

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  17. Happy New Year Cuz-O! Although I may at times not comment, I’m always reading your blogs (trying to see if you aren’t writing anything bad about me! Ha ha!). This one was very insightful and I’m glad you took the time to reflect on the past year. I have to admit your memory is alot better than mine. Some of 2007 for me was a blurr (on purpose). Ha! One thing I will never forget though about 2007 is how close we’ve become. It makes me realize how powerful God’s plan for my life is. It’s better than I could’ve imagined it to be. My life now as it stands I couldn’t of put together any better myself. You’ve turned from being a distant relative to one of my favorite people in the world! – Kinda sorta like a best friend. How miraculous is that? This all makes 1 of my new year’s resolutions a whole lot easier and this is the one I’m most confident will never be broken – BUILDING ON AND MAINTAINING STRONGER/CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS WITH THOSE I LOVE.

    Love you Primo!

    P.S. Theme #3) Very Proud of you;Theme#2) Again Proud of you. So glad I got to meet her and approve; Theme #1) How the hell did you get that pic of Julio? LOL (Like Deess and Like Daattt!!!)

  18. Post

    leesee, thanks for dropping by.

    talda, definitely, only this time there’s no other haters ;-).

    luzmaria, you’ll be OK without her picture.

    bygbaby, i’m on it. that is, if i ever come to the d. look out for the award tour with muhammad my man …

    angelamichelle, this is not vox. ha!

    tracy, why are you sighing at rakim? interesting.

    lovelybklyn, we’ll talk of course.

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