MiBodega Presents: Jose Vilson on Latino in America

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Take Notes with Jose L. Vilson

Ladies and gents,

Let me introduce you to the first time I’ve ever done a real video blog. It might also give some of you educators a taste for how I teach. I’m sure a lot of you will get the pseudo-spoof, but I also did my best to contribute something important to the conversation about Soledad O’Brien’s Latino in America, the CNN special I discussed not too long ago. Here is my first vlog. What do you think?

Yeah, I thought so, too. Thanks.

Jose. Just Jose.

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  1. You say “Latino” like a gringo, with that strong guttural “t” sound.

    Cuidado Mr. Vilson… your Anglo is showing…

    (in other news, nice vlog, good points, but I STILL feel underrepresented by Soledad and CNN’s little show…)

  2. wonderful, wonderful… mad you gave me homework, though.

    oh wait… i’m not latina. HA!

    i watched LIA and i think it was a very good presentation. it was an opening of the door to “mainstream america” to aspects of a corner of the population many know very little about. i can’t wait to see part two. there *is* a part two in production, right?

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