Michelle, My Belle

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Barack and Michelle Obama, Behind the Scenes

Barack and Michelle Obama, Behind the Scenes

We stand at the precipice of history
Feet on the one end grounded, cemented
And on the other, afloat and steadily adaptable to change
Our palms meet, love and lifelines crossing
Sweat dripping from yours
A cool breeze stemming from mine
A comfortable temperature somewhere between us
Our facial expressions match in their intensity
I am reminded of the moments we spent together
When success did not come so facile
When my youth came and went with the weird and wild ways
Of the rebel in the suit and tie
Pen in left, fist in right
And you,
Hair streaming from your cuticles
In strands evoking my own visions of time
Complicated, thick, multi-layered,
Something I may have my fingers on
But its majesty I can never quite grasp
No matter how far my fingers trickle down your jaw
Down to your nose,
Lips which on both ends have kissed and heard
So often just to feed from this source of intellect
Down to places where we’d create others in a rather immediate future
In a place where I admired soon after looking at your face
My hands reach out to you
Where my hands slide onto your waist
So curvaceous yet so sturdy
So sensitive and so steady
Your caresses so hypnotizing and so inspiring
Where men have moved whole lands for their beloved
I simply had to convince one that I was good enough to lead
And my thoughts turn to a practice we’ve partaken in so frequently
and the eternal answer to the question
As to what may happen when humans like us
Believe in something far greater than the sum of our parts …

Jose, whose not talking about Barack here …

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  2. Hmm. That is beautiful. It reminds me of those moments when you’re with someone and everything around you gets quiet.All you feel is that little quiver below your navel, u know that “first kiss” quiver. Even beyond that, being able to look at someone and just trust. Seriously, beautiful.
    I know you’re not talking about Barack, but I don’t see love like that very often. That is intimacy. That’s grown folks love.

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