My Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Robert J. Marzano [Edutopia]

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Last week, I got an exclusive interview with Robert J. Marzano, Ph.D on his latest book, The Art and Science of the Art of Science of Teaching, Leading, and Instructurizing. Here’s an excerpt:

The Art and Science of the Art and Science of Teaching, Leading, and Instructurizing: How Everyone with a Thought About Education Can Affect Students Even a Little Bit2 takes a hard look at learning from the perspective of students, teachers, assistant principals, principals, support staff, parents, central support staff, superintendents, chancellors, secretaries of education and, yes, even The President.3

“The impact of this book will hopefully create measurable ripples throughout education,” says Marzano in an exclusive interview. “Studies show that a religious adherence to my books improves school culture by 27%, a factor almost as high as outside influences like . . . well, whatever it is. Inconsequential, really.”4

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Jose, who suggests people read this one slowly …

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  1. jared martin

    Its jsut a shame that the ones that don’t do it now make checklists for the people who are doing. Thus resulting in so much work load that no actual teaching gets done anymore.

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