My Size 8 Head or Why I’m Not Gassed

Jose Vilson Education, Jose

Kanye West Interrupts ... Jesus Christ!

Kanye West Interrupts ... Jesus Christ!

This week, I found out a few things.

a) That Kanye Meme (“I’m happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but ____ had the ___ ____ of ____ time!”) will never die, and its variations get more uproarious every time I hear them. I declared Kanye jokes dead … until I saw the meme. Long live the Interrupters of America.

b) This blog posting about the 16 Things I learned is now college level material. :: nods ::

c) This blog as a whole has been mentioned as one of the top 20 blogs to follow by Scholastic’s Instructor. :: insert gasp here ::

Honest to goodness, I haven’t shagged anyone in their offices, nor did I beg for any sort of favor with the mail room. Therefore, I’m honestly humbled. I don’t have a million and one readers nor do I have the notoriety or the comments my fellow die-hard bloggers do. I just hope through this blog, I’m able to make some sense of my own musings on education and everything else that comes into my line of vision.

Yes, I have a fan page, and a page on most major venues, but I’ve maintained the shred of humility I hold dear because of my indebtedness to the people who’ve helped me along the way and the kids. Frankly, my students keep me working harder than ever. Due to some of my other duties, it can be easy to neglect the students I’m teaching, but now my job has me thinking of all the students in the building. It’s a heavy load I care as much about (if not more) than even the energies I disseminate through this very blog.

Until someone finds a solution that works for every child and our society, I’ll try to keep my size 8 from getting to a size 13. Thanks.

Mr. Vilson, who takes time crafting these, spell check or not …