N-Word Reverie

Jose Vilson

This is what I was feeling last week. Before you judge, ask from whence it came. Hope y’all like …

“N-Word Reverie” by Jose Vilson © 2007

They buried the n-word yesterday
The National Association for the Advancement of People Who Are Often Defined As and Often Call Themselves The N-Word
gave the last rites and buried the n-word
With n-words praising the move and others dismaying it
IT made me wonder if the n-word that came up with the idea
Sent out a memo to its constituents
Held a forum on it
Had a jury of the n-word’s own peers to decide
Whether to execute or execute it
If not, then, what is the procedure for impeachment and disarmament
of those who’ve lost such a touch with their people
It does whatever it wants like
Wage wars,
Distribute tax monies improperly
Represent the interests of the rich, white, Protestant minority
Who really has the authority?
And how do we expect to descent upon the power of this small collective’s oppression
When we mirror the oppressors?
And what will NYC do to me for using the n-word that Bloomiani hasn’t tried already?
Use it against me?
Libel me?
Lower my wages as a city employee?
Ticket me?
Support assassins who shoot me up after I dropped my wallet?
Push me into a black van with the rest of the disobedient?
Maybe I can release my Cheneys,
And get a Libby
By Scooting and commuting to the nearest
Deposit box and writing a BIG ASS CHECK
For the entire teacher salary I make to educate kids to empower themselves as more than second-class citizens
Dust off doors for them that they hadn’t seen
Hadn’t dreamed
That a racial epithet would define who they will be
Is beyond me
The root is not the rappers, R&B artists, and comedians constantly using it in their shuffle-feet records
It’s not even Imus and Michael Richards using it in public view than blaming it on aforementioned musicians
Not Paris Hilton using it in her greenlit videos published all over YouTube
And it’s not even the common underrepresented youth
The poor Latinos, Asians, or Black kids
Or that one poor White kid who listens to Wu-Tang and hangs out with the rest of us
It’s the conditions that still exist that gave birth to the word
It’s not I don’t think it’s a powerful word
It’s that the web of power and deceit continues to exist
Whether we use the word or not
So let the n-word die off
Not from martyrdom but from sheer powerlessness
True advancement instead of this foolishness
Let this Bush burn and call it a liar
Dancing to its cackles,
Come around the bonfire
Celebrate the incineration of an idea much more powerful
Culminating in a word I’d be more prepared to fight for
And die for
Freedom …


p.s. – Bam’s got a good perspective on this as well. These minds definitely think alike.