No, I Don’t Miss You Now

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Kindergarten Cop

With only two weeks left, many of my 8th graders have been asking me whether I’m going to miss them. Missing them implies that they’ve actually left my presence for more than a week. Missing them implies that my job has gone from simple math teacher / coach / data specialist / mentor to teacher / coach / data specialist / mentor / complaint soundboard / end-of-school-year sewer, etc. Missing them implies that I haven’t had to public relations the hell out of DOE’s clusterf*ck we’re calling summer school for all parties. Missing them implies I’m not already reflecting on the things I need to do to ensure that I don’t have the kind of year I had this year (every opportunity is a success, or at least a learning experience).

So a student asked me on Friday, “Mr. Vilson, I’m going to miss you. You gonna miss me?”

“No, because you haven’t left. When you leave … well I haven’t thought about that. I just gotta make sure you’re eligible to leave; that’s my biggest thing right now. You leaving means I’ve done my job right, so until then, no I don’t miss you.”

I didn’t say, “I’ll be happy when I have the opportunity to miss you.”

Mr. Vilson, who’s having the best week ever.

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  1. What stopped you from saying that? I know there’s gotta be a handful of students that you enjoyed more than others – ones that stick out in your memory.

  2. Post

    I stopped myself from saying it, Tyrone, because it was far too nice. I’m not a nice guy. Don’t know how anyone gathers that from my blog.

    Thanks, M. I find myself wanting to let them know I miss them, but the year’s been so hard to close out already that it doesn’t feel like a real close out.

    Monise, they don’t need to hear it from me. They probably already know.

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