The #EduColor Movement Meets The National Board [Video]

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I spoke about the #EduColor movement and the importance of community at the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards / Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 with a host of other awesome folks. To watch the video, click here or watch below. Let me know what you think. And follow the …

It's All About The Benjamins

Does Harlem Need Diddy or Educational Equity?

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A few days ago, I said some things on my Facebook that I don’t regret: I’m not a believer in celebrities taking the helm at schools, regardless of whether it’s public, charter, or private, unless they have an expertise in said craft. Schools are not music labels or headquarters for …

NYCoRE Conference 2016

NYCoRE 2016 and A Note on Educational Compliance

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For years, I’ve traversed the country, pushing education spaces to become more intersectional, more inclusive of the people most affected by education reform. A short list includes any ed-tech conferences, colleges and universities, union spaces, pro-public education spaces, and even the US Department of Education. In any and all of …

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A Great Big Expression of Happiness (On #TLConf2016)

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Add a little sugar, honeysuckle and A great big expression of happiness Boy, you couldn’t miss with a dozen roses Such would astound you The joy of children laughing around you These are all the makings of you “… and since we’re about 2% of the teaching profession, with the …


Measuring Grit and Children of Color [New York Times]

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I was recently invited to write for the New York Times about grading for grit and other socio-emotional elements. I articulated what I felt most of you all feel about it: More important, we miss the point about what resilience and enthusiasm means. For many of our most disadvantaged students, …


The One Thing I Don’t Do When I’m Assessing Students

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I’ve now taught almost 11 years, starting in the throes of overtesting and overstandardizing. I’ve given multiple forms of assessments over different periods of time. I’ve taught all of the middle school grades and tutored lower and higher grades. I’ve taken my own set of exams for teacher certifications, most …


College and Career Whatever Have You

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A couple of years ago, I had a heavy-set, lighter-skinned student who spaced out for about half my class every day. He twiddled his pencil, shaved it down til the disposable paint cluttered the desk along with his extra-large binder. He did most of his multiplication on his head, which …