People Who Write Open Letters To Obama Actually Want Him To Read Them [EdWeek]

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An excerpt from a follow-up post I wrote for Education Week:

“What it also means, though, is that your primary supporters feel like they should have a seat at your table from the very beginning when they don’t. At least not consistently. This dynamic matters especially with regard education, where the collective experience of participants and practitioners on the ground matter just as much as those who set the policy, if not more so. We bear the burden of the errors, yet get little of the credit for the successes of said system. The policies we currently abide by (e.g., Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind) inspire less collaboration amongst all vested members than finger-pointing in the name of accountability.”

Read the rest here. Share. Like. Love, even. Thanks!

Jose, who assumes every public official reads everything he writes …

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