Jose Vilson Jose

Some of you may be wondering why in the world I’d miss my Tuesday deadline for my end-of-the-year reflection. In general, I should be thoroughly excited that tomorrow’s the last day of the most challenging year I’ve had to date. I’m headed for a trip to the Dominican Republic on Saturday, and I have the first of many very important meetings with a cabal of eduwriters. And of course, I’m a few steps close to certification, and starting to develop a 5-year plan that includes a doctorate and … other things I can’t mention right here just yet.

But yesterday, after coming back home, I felt another one of those premonitions, this time in my stomach. I called my mother because I felt her call from afar even though she was nowhere near me. It turns out that my mother was in the ER. So off I went, the third such visit in the last 2 weeks. I have yet to get a break from all this calamity and misfortune. Even after everything turned out OK, I almost lost my bearings for a bit, barely able to see the California Rolls and Pad See Ew I had for dinner near the hospital.

Turns out she’s fine. No, really.

With so many blogs focusing on solely the teaching aspect of teaching, which is well within their right, it feels weird getting this personal. Yet, it’s also why my name’s on this thing; I’ve decided I’m going to get more personal, hoping I’ll ping a few people who’ll ping me back.

I think the Howl project has tapped almost everyone I’d like it to. Post will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, take it easy. I’m sure I will.

jose, who still wants to do a reflection, but that might have to wait …