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moleskine_notebook.jpgMuch of my effort for the last 3 weeks or so has been geared towards my blogging, an extension of my article writing / column writing ambitions. That’s also means my poetry, my one true love, has been neglected for some time. I wrote a couple of pieces here and there on this blog, but otherwise, most of my poetry has just appeared to me in the form of scrolling thoughts and not much more.

I wouldn’t call it writer’s block; more like writer’s diversion.

However, I am working on things here and there. I’ve submitted my older poetry to a couple of literary magazines and competitions, so I’m crossing my fingers here and there. What’s hardest about the “getting published” business is seeking the right opportunity. The problem with self-publishing or other ventures is that the right opportunities don’t often come through.

For instance, a lot of people opt to go through vanity publishing (you pay the publisher to put our your stuff). That’s fine for them, but why would I do that if I can find a better deal where I don’t have to pay a dime and I get a better percentage off sales?

So it’s weird, but I’m being aggressively patient. I’ve been a featured poet in an online mag thus far, and someone asked me to perform at a bar here in NYC in September, so things are definitely picking up. Soon, I’ll be working on my manuscript, but I won’t go too deep into it. Sharing too much of one’s life online leads to some people trying too hard to mimic it, as I’ve witnessed first-hand. Until everything comes to fruition, then, I’ll hold off on the rest of my big ideas.

In the meantime, feel free to scroll through my last blog about New Orleans, or even further about my Blacktino background. Have a good weekend, my people …


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  1. We, your fans, are waiting with anticipation. Let us know when and where we have to go so that you can sign our books. You are a resonant leader by seeking what makes you happy and gives you satisfaction.

    No, estas demasiado cool. No te olvides de los little people.

  2. Yes, yes, keep your ideas under lock and key. Of course, you’re gonna tell me about your manuscript, right? Of course you are …

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