Short Notes: 2009 and Beyond

Jose Vilson Short Notes



A few notes:

  • Ever felt annoyed when you went onto a blog and you had to enter in a ton of information that’s already on one of your social media sites? Well, no mas! If you look to the right, you’ll notice that now you can use your Facebook account to comment directly onto my blog! It’s one of many features I’m proud to announce as part of my interaction initiative for this blog.
  • Also, if you’re one of my peoples on Facebook, feel free to become my personal fan. I have my own page where I get to send personal updates on my writing and life in general (rather than leaving it up on my status).
  • Also, if you’re on FB, and you suddenly come up with an idea for the blog, have any inclinations to guest-write, or just want to discuss an idea I recently wrote about, the fan page is there for that, too.
  • In the coming year, these three things are sure to happen
    • Portfolio for the web work I’ve been doing
    • Vlogging
    • Audio recordings of my poetry
  • From here on out, I’m going to write 2 separate posts for these Sunday ruminations: 1 with bullet points of the major and minor news, and one where I just write to my heart’s content.

Here’s where you come in. Any questions, comments or concerns? Constructive criticism is welcome, too.

Jose, who honestly needs to write 3000 words in the next 2 weeks. Whoa.