Short Notes: 2Pac Will Never RIP, Lady GaGa, and Jamaica

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

A few notes:

  • 2Pac is a freakin’ legend. He’ll never truly rest in peace. He’ll always live on in the hearts and minds of those who were even so much as touched by his music. There, I said it. RIP means nothing for a man like that.
  • The Acentos Workshop was really good. Can I share some? Why am I even asking? Of course, I’m going to share.
  • As much as I’d love to get Beatles Rock Band, I’m scared I’ll never put it down. And might write keynotes instead of comments in my lesson plan.
  • I’ve been livetweeting the VMAs. Mainly because there’s been no sight of Kurt Loder.
  • I officially have an affinity for Lady GaGa. I said it. Everyone knows my flavor of woman, but Lady GaGa blew it out the water tonight.
  • Why are people still talking to me, the web developer, like my services are free?
  • If you haven’t added me on Facebook, please do. I’m going to read at a poetry spot soon and if you’re a fan, you’re going to miss it. I don’t want you to miss it.
  • Tomorrow, be on the lookout for my letter to the president tomorrow. I showed my kids the education speech video everyone’s despised so much.

“Jamaica, Day 5” by Jose Vilson (feat. Marie-Elizabeth Mali)

Somewhere a little hotter than Yugoslavia
The day steals my sleep as waves
Carry in weeds and men on platano boats
A hard day’s night leaves
Roach spray scents in my bare feet
Alcohol-entangled brain liquid
Miexed with illegal-plant scented threads
Supplant me in my hammock
Hangovers expend my will and my pockets
Katana’d my wallet’s un-savings like
Deceptive 99c stores
Til the cash register screeched at my sight
Til Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” said it’s gonna be alright
My soul seeks justice from last night’s paralysis
My body lies in protest of my misgivings
The gentle serenade at my door really my equilibrium’s hum
Come in.

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  1. “Why are people still talking to me, the web developer, like my services are free?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Jose, welcome to the closest thing to career hell you will probably ever experience – the successful web developer who has 1,001 “can you do small, little design for me… for free” associates. Allow me to be more direct than you ever will be on this issue.

    Look people….

    ….Jose might be kind to you on this front. I won’t be. Web design takes time, skill, and effort just like any other professional, technical level job. Should a skilled worker work for free? Ever? Jose is not opening up photoshop and playing around with joy and glee for 15 minutes to design you a web site.

    Web design is HOURS of HARD work, not half an hour of OSX play.

    Should I point you at a 500 page CSS manual? Should I point you at all the complexity of WordPress? Should I break out the Jquery, Blueprint, 960gs, Ruby, and PHP notebooks? Do you want a crash course in box model hacks, IE6 shenanigans, or jquery validation?

    No, of course not. Web designer’s obviously conjure magical powers that somehow arrange a pixel perfect web page with minimal effort.

    Do something for me right now, go in Microsoft Word and layout a 3 column newspaper template. Just try it. Not imagine that difficulty multiplied by .. I dont know… 1000. That’s web design (and no, we do NOT use word to write HTML.. don’t even get me started…)

    A person will spend HOURS of learning to PERFECT a craft – web design. Why do you think there are 101 different web design blogs opening every day? Because 99.9% of the web development population is CLUELESS.. and that includes the CLIENTS.

    But I get it. I know your type…. the “modern day web client” that wants everything without paying for anything. And perhaps us designer are partly to blame, we show you the wrong prices up front.. allow me to explain…

    ….See the modern day web client ( yes you reader of this site ) looks at an elaborate template and goes “oh its only $70” thats not a lot of work at all. You are very, very wrong. That template is HOURS and DAYS of work spread out over months (or in the case of Thesis, WooThemes, Thematic, and other systems perhaps YEARS). The price is low because of the cost to resell a few kbs of code is next to nothing. Allowing a template worth $2-3k to be dropped down to sub $100. Do the math, if theme authors generously charge you $70 its because that template will sell 1,000+ times the author has recouped $70,000+ (hi Thesis).

    Jose, your freeloaders need to read this:
    … and do some simple math.

    BTW – for anyone thinking I’m bat insane for writing this. It’s 5am my time and guess what? I’m up early drafting web design requests. You think I, Jose, or anyone else should work like that for free? Like chef Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen so often says, PISS OFF.

    Jose if you delete this comment I’ll fully understand. The late night Red Bulls make me crazy sometimes… or I’m just feeling a “take the mic” level of audacity. Anyways, good luck with your web projects and your clients, you do a smashing job as a web developer!

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  3. This situation is not my fault! Let me say this- whether I have a glass of bubbly “escape reality or not”, I have to take medications that can kill my pancreas, my liver, and all kinds of other side effects!! I’m your other half freak baby!! 666

    Some people need to smarten up and keep their noses in their own backyard!!

  4. This is almost like the movie “Gladiator”- ” are you not entertained?!!”
    “Put me in that spotlight and I will show you something you’ve never seen before!!”

  5. It’s time to reveal myself now!! Lady Gaga went through some tough times! It’s ow time to reveal myself- I’ve been through some tough times too- I’m THE MACHINE!!

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